Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run In the Darkness....

After a long Saturday at both jobs, I had the chance to go for a cool evening run. With my trusty headlamp, I headed out into the darkness out towards Highway 9 and Cedar Lane.  For those of you who do not know much about Cedar Lane. Cedar Lane is like the Magnolia Road in Boulder, Colorado or the Heartbreak Hill on the Boston Marathon Course. Cedar Lane is arguably the steepest road in Norman with one killer steep hill that has "Go Lance Go" written in spray paint along the crest of the hill. Cedar Lane is a long winding farm road that has limited traffic and wide open spaces!  Cedar Lane, to me is the heart of Oklahoma Hill Country and has been my great training partner for my 5 years I have been in Oklahoma.

I ran a nice loop on Cedar Lane as the darkness masked the surroundings. With my headlamp, it made the run erie as bushes would rustle near me indicating maybe a potential wolf or Big foot hanging on the outskirts of my beam.  I logged a nice 14 miles and perhaps 83 minutes of action.  I have also tried my Camelback fuel tabs which Backwoods provided me with and they seem to give me the essential carbs I need as I run without over-encumbering my stomach. Plus, the wild berry flavor rocks!  Anyway, for those Oklahomans, test your fitness on Cedar Lane, a true piece of Oklahoma running culture!

Sunday--I also went for an evening run. My destination was the Westwood Municipal Golf Course right near my job at Embassy Suites.  The run took me through the downtown of historic Norman and then out along Robinson.  The highlight of the run was the 27 different cop cars I saw along my run which leads me to make a point.

*I have never seen so many Cops before driving around a place than Norman, Oklahoma in my whole life. Why is that? Do they think that driving around is going to improve people's driving? Or are they out to make a pretty penny?  Anyway, I saw 27 cop cars in 76 minutes through NORMAN and that to me is insane. I saw more cop cars that day than in my whole time growing up in New Jersey.  Whatever those reasons for why police like to drive around Norman is still in debate but back to the run. It was unreasonably mild for a night run. I had to shed a jacket because the temp was right around 45 which is warm for a night in January.

I enjoy the solace of a good night run as long as I have proper lighting and feel safe.  I look forward running in an environment different that the one I have found in Norman. I look forward to running mountains and ski slopes and roads completely under tree canopy.  I miss really running in the rain and not having to wear sunblock in the winter. Yes, I got a little red one day when I ran and worked at the golf course. I am optimistic in a great year and am excited for the future. Thanks again to my new sponsors, Backwoods and Acidotic Racing for helping me achieve greatness.

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