Sunday, January 15, 2012


Saturday I worked all day and was also privy to find that I cannot breath out of my nose. With the various changes in temperature here in Oklahoma, some grass allergen or something decided to kick my butt. So, I decided instead to watch some football and just relax.

Sunday--A nice long run 85 mins long out to the Ez-go GOlf Cart Store in Noble, Ok and then back home. The morning started out nice and quiet and cool as everyone is at church and then it warmed up into the mid 50's by runs end. My left hip was flaring up a little bit but I think it is because I need to switch into my next pair of shoes since my last pair has been worn for a  full 2 month and 1 week cycle.

Monday begins Lunar-swift +3 Pair 2 that I go for free thanks to making a order mistake!

For Last week, I was able to log 87 miles of work!!! My fitness and strength is there and I am raring to test my race fitness this year. Usually, Christmas time hinders my training base a little bit but this year I was able to consistently train through the holiday and I feel great besides this horrible congestion in my upper respiratory area.

Here are two new shoes I would like to get my paws on soon!

Montrail Rogue Fly for those tough Trail Races and the Inov F-lite 230 for mountain/trail/and road running!

Tuesday---I was called off of work today because of the all of a sudden cold and windy conditions so I instead I went for a nice 1 hour and 35 minute run out on the hills of Robinson street. The run was great as I made it to 84th and the lake in no time and I felt decent though I was starving since my morning green tea and yogurt was not enough.  The cold temps in the teens felt just fine and even when the wind died down, I felt quite hot even.  I love the way hills can make or break you and I really jump at the opportunity to get in some quality work.  I am feeling fit and I am going to order my next pair of shoes the Inov 8 F-lite 230's for trail running, mountain running and maybe some road races.  I was able to log about say 14-25 miles today as my 6:30 or so pace felt very comfortable and that means I am ready to put on a show in the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday---Run out towards Draper Lake on SE 164th from Belmar Golf Club. I loved the peace and quiet out there and the hills posed a great challenge. I ran for a duration of 72 minutes and turned the run into a tempo.  I had a great clip of 5:20's through Moore Wind(which is by far the worst wind in Oklahoma)...Really windy stuff like 10-15 mph windier than anywhere else and finished at the golf course.  
Total Mileage: Say 12.5

Thursday--Run out on the OU XC course. I ran a couple of loops through the soft clay surface and felt really tired from working all the time so I pushed back home and crashed on the couch. 75 mins and maybe 11 miles in the books as my fatigue just never gave me that energy to run fast.

Friday--Long work day and night run out to see ASHLEE at Hudson's and run by Rock Creek Polo Club. Nice cold run and felt comfortable. 75 minutes!

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