Monday, January 9, 2012

Run With Scott Downard-Thunderbird in Winter!

Scott and me on Monday, decided Lake Thunderbird would be fun! The trails were in great shape as we made a great effort out of this nice morning run.  The pace was relaxed and fun as we winded through the trail sections.  I would not know of  the damage I did to myself out there until the next day as a tight lower back is subject for pushing hard on some of  the switchbacks.  But with today's cloudy rain run, I feel like I am loosening up a little bit.  We talked about trail running companies such as Montrail and Karhu, carefully dissecting their products. It was a nice

1 hour and 34 min run and according to Scott's Garmin, we logged about 11.7-12 miles.

Tuesday---I got out the door early for a run in some light showers. Overall Time: 74:19. The run had me visualizing running the OKC marathon catching the best competitior and then surging to the finish. I flew up the hills today and had fun letting my mind wander. That is the true fun about running. Having the chance to let your mind just wander is a wonderful thing and it gives me time to rehearse and plan out different events I would like to occur in my life.

Wednesday--- 66:07 (Time out)  I ran to the bank as the massive cold front came in full force.  Sustained winds at 35 mph and gusts of 40-45mph was what I encountered out on the run. It almost felt like a hurricane or rather a crazy roller-coaster ride. I struggled to pick up my legs in the wind as I pushed to the bank to deposit my hard-earned money from the previous week.  The temps went from mid 50's all the way into the low 40's in a matter of minutes as the wind became violent and I was just happy to make it to the bank and back. The run was slow because of the wind but it was not terrible.  These types of fronts are characteristic of Oklahoma and let me tell you that you would think they would shut things down because the wind really alters everything. Not only is it hard for me to stand up straight from the wind, by you have to be soooo careful when driving through such high winds.  I am excited about tomorrow's cold cold run.  Today was my relaxing maintenance run just to get the blood flowing without doing anything crazy!  I will be happy when I can avoid running in such intense wind storms!

Thursday---Super Cold, Wore all the winter gear. Temps in the teens. Ran with Scott and we logged a 1 hour 44 minute windy hilly and tough 15 mile run out on Lake Thunderbird's Alameda side.  We encountered harsh wind chills, crazy packs of dogs, horses, and a run for the ages.  There is nothing so great than being outdoors experiencing the elements head-on and I was so pumped to wear my winter tights in harsh conditions.

Friday---80:10 Run out on Alameda and then headed on 48th street.

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