Monday, January 30, 2012

Every Step is a Big One!

I have run both 78 minutes and 84 minutes the past two days and  I am still recovering from the trails on Saturday.  I have run both on hills and have helped to stretch out my sore calves.  I have run both 13 and 11.5 miles and I am getting ready for Arkansas where I hope I can run a stellar time at White Rock!  Anything under 4 hours will be the goal though I hope to average 6:30 a mile on the course maybe faster.   Oklahoma has been windy and warm as snow seems like it will never make it here but that is where Upstate New York will totally change Ashlee and my own perspective on snow.  Time to rest up for another long work week!

I hope too that one day I can be represented by great companies and brands such as Backwoods and Acidotic Racing which is partnered with Golite.  I hope that I can run fast enough to merit a spot as one of the top mountain runners in America and maybe the world!

When I also think about what I would like to do with my life, working for an outdoor retailer would be an awesome career.  I have a big crush on Mountain Hardware lately as all their apparel and equipment is worth every penny. I really like the direction running is headed and same with the retailers that make us athletes perform and train at the highest level.

Here is what I began with: I was a scrawny high school kid who had the talent to run fast but never knew my true ability. Today, I feel like I have taken that passion of running and have built upon it a running career where I have the opportunity to become "Elite" and to race at the highest level whether it be for a USA team or internationally.

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