Sunday, February 5, 2012

White Rock 50k--Up and Down Arkansas's Mountains

More to come but a quick recap:

I have very tight calves but ran an amazing and beautiful 50k to White Rock mountain where I was able to set a new course record of 3:53 on a very honest course and time breaking the 3:58.  Running 33 miles was unlike any other running experience to date but it was incredible and it gives me great optimism for running future ultras and that I can handle the longer distances and maybe a 50k could be my distance of choice!

Photos Ashlee Took of the Event!

I never really thought I could run 33 miles as well as I did but a nice 30 degree winter trail race made the effort perfect.  I never overheated and besides a fall on a steep downhill because of the slick surface but it was an incredible experience. I saw spectacular views, ran through blinding fog, had two black labradors run 13 miles with me up mountains to the White Rock Mountain Overlook, and I can officially say that I am king of the mountain. I have the new record of 1:51 for the ascent and the total time of 3:53 for the 33 miles!

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