Saturday, May 28, 2011

If it is not the Heat, It is the Humidity!

Today was the first hot hot day I have run this year. I left the house at 10am a crucial mistake. The temperature was already into the 80's and I believe has since reached the mid 90's.  I went on the back roads towards Hall Park and then off to the Sutton Wilderness.  The pace was slow or at least felt slow because the heat was already slowing me down. By 40 minutes into the run, I felt my body failing and there happened to be signs of fatigue so I knew that water was in order.  I hit a local pit stop at Griffin Park then finished back towards Chalmette.  The run was probably in the 6:50 range as the hit was just too much for me today with my lack of sleep---(under 8 hours because I was out of work by 11pm).  I have began this summer looking to run with my buds but our schedules have not been able to match up properly.  I hope though that we will be able to link up and get some nice quality runs in this summer!

Mount Washington is not too far away and it looks like I am in good shape and am very excited to see where I stack up!

I ran for 65 minutes and almost hit 10 miles!

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