Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night and Day!

Tuesday's Run took me out into the lovely Oklahoma night. The run started cool then  I warmed up quickly. I ran on the West-side of Norman as I trucked along from Rowena Lane all the way up to Robinson street and everything in-between.  The solace of night running is so wonderful.  It is quiet and as the world seems contained to their homes, a skinny white guy is running out on the streets.  I thought  I would be out there for 45 minutes...well my watch stayed at 19 so  I had to rely on the real clock and  I ended up running about 73 minutes.  Approximately  11.5 miles maybe more. All in all, it was a nice relaxing run in nice temps.

Wednesday's run had me letting the sun shine in as  I shot out the door around 8am.  Whenever I run out on the the east hills of Norman out by Rock Creek Road, I always run into my manager Grant.  I think he lives out that way but I find it funny that he is always honking and yelling as his car blasts by me.  The run ended up being about 74 minutes and I was so hungry. The problem  is I usually have about a half of an hour to shower and fuel up before I head over to work for a long 10-11 hr day.  The best thing though is yes I can be a little rushed but the shift I work on a wednesday really pays off in the tip department.  So, it really is all worth it after-all!

School is winding down and the summer is going to perk up. Cmon summer it cannot get any closer.

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