Saturday, June 23, 2012

Western States 100 Miler


This man can run and I am a huge fan and really look up to this guy. I hope to shadow his great 4 Deserts race challenge where you run the 4 harshest deserts in the world in a brutal 250k say 155 mile 6-7 day stage race.  I wish him the best at the Western States 100 mile race and all the other competitors.

Today I ran with my father to Bunker Hill Natural Recreation Area.  The trail is immaculate though it could be cut a little better.  The trail borders the golf course I work at and is nestled on top of one of the high hills in the area.  The trails were a little high in places but the section we took through the tree canopy and into a massive gorge-like section with high rocks and a nice creek was amazing.  It was a great run as we finished on the golf course and then I simply ran back home the 4.5 extra miles.  It was a great time and the cool shade really helped to cut into the mid-day heat.

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