Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running The Time Away

After the College Avenue Mile, I have been able to string together some really nice runs. I have been logging fast strong runs consisting of hills, flats, gravel road you name it.  Every run so far this week has been 60-110 minutes long.  I have been feeling like my old self again in terms of strength, recovery and the whole grind of high mileage training.  After OKC, I took a slight training rest from my 80+ mile weeks to something of say maybe 60-75.  My I have run races as of later but they have been for more fun and a nice experience rather than a break-through race performance.  I am still acclimatizing to New Jersey weather from Oklahoma as I end a run with more sweat on my body because of the humidity though nothing compares to a Hot Oklahoma summer.  So, training is feeling great.  I can run in the middle of the day and feel just fine which is something an real crazy person might attempt in Oklahoma.  Having no significant wind is nice too though the wind always acting as an interesting training stimulus.  I look forward to running this summer and beyond!

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