Sunday, June 10, 2012

College Avenue Mile

Today is the College Avenue Mile right here in New Brunswick, NJ.  New Brunswick is the home of Rutgers University and the race is going to have a stacked field. I am very lucky to be apart of the elite mile and maybe I  can rise to the occasion and run under 4:16.  You never know on the day.  My training has been a nice blend of fun runs with Ashlee and my father coupled with strong nice tempos and hard hill efforts and a small dose of speed work.  Running around my home stomping grounds has been fun as I have hit the trails all around the area and have my legs ready to push hard.

Wish me luck as I brave the mile, a distance I have not run since my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma.  I hope today brings great performances for us all!  I would like to thank my sponsors Patagonia, Karhu/Craft, Ok Runner and Acidotic Racing for giving me the tools for being successful in all of my running endeavors.

The race went really well. I am a little shabby on mile racing but the race went out really hard. I immersed myself with the lead pack of 5 runners and went through the quarter in 60 seconds. That was a little too fast for me. I began to drop back to recover a bit as we hit half-way in 2:12.  I felt great at this point as I made a move on the back-side of the road course.  The challenge with every road course that we must consider is that the turns are what can take a lot out of you. Physically, I felt strong but the already hot and humid day at 11 am was making my breathing a little heavy.  We cleared the 1200m point in 3:18. I just followed the pack and felt pretty good but as we cleared the 1200 meter point, the lead guys shot out like a cannon as I  turned my head to wipe sweat off of my brow and then they were already 10 paces ahead of me. I turned on the jets but after the home turn, I could not catch the lead guys. I finished 5th place out of 12 and split a 4:28-4:30 time.  I ran in control the whole way but was not used to the tactics of the mile.  It was a great time and I had fun running against NJ's best.  Thank you NJ Track Club for the event and thank you OK runner for making all the heads turn at our sweet red OK runner jerseys made by Nike!!!

Here are some great videos and photos taken from the GSTC website blog!

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