Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life As We Know It

Things have finally settled down for Ashlee and myself as we are both working and just getting ready for the next chapter in our busy lives.  Let me tell you that moving half-way across the country is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of planning, money, and teamwork in order for it to happen.  I thank everyone that has made this transition a lot easier for us.  I have had the chance to run some great races since OKC and many more I hope as I begin to regain my strong training base I feel like I have lost since the big move.  I just hope that I can prove to everyone that all my hard work will pay off and that my goals are not lavish but rather reasonable.  I hope that through my running, I can express my gratitude for those that have supported me through all the ups and downs and to inspire and maybe make the world a better and healthier place.

I ran to Plainsboro today and was able to log 90 minutes. THis has been my longest run in a couple of weeks and I feel great about the endeavor.  I have been running with my dad and Ashlee for portions of my weekly runs and it has been a blast.  WHen you are out training at a high level, it is always a challenge to find someone to help push you and to be out there with you.  A two-day summer heat wave is about to hit the east coast and that means Oklahoma-like temperatures.

The heat is here!!!! I never thought I would see 100 degrees again but I was wrong.  I ran last night to the Stonebridge trails in Montgomery and let me tell you they are AWESOME.  A little overgrown in some sections, but the trail conditions were nice and the fact that they border a large creek and is mostly in the shade makes for a much-needed run in hostile conditions.

Today is also going to be an adventure as 96 degrees right now at 2 pm seems horrific and not enjoyable.  It takes a lot of careful preparation to be able to run in these kinds of conditions and I feel that Oklahoma has prepared me for such.

It is amazing to me how many trail systems are in New Jersey let alone in the Princeton/Montgomery/Hillsborough area.  There is a trail behind every shopping center and contained deep within any wooded section, you can find a nice shaded marked trail!

Here is a great photo from

Of the Six Mile RUn trail right in Franklin, NJ

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