Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowshoe Nationals--Here I Come!

So I am all qualified and ready to rock for Nationals in Bend, Oregon on March 15-17 with the race on the 16th.  I am very excited about the event and I am even more excited to be representing new sponsors that will be helping me out with gear, apparel, and funding to get out to Oregon. Of course, all of my other sponsors are generous enough to help with the trip and I thank you for always being there for me.

This will be my first official National championship and I am very excited about the opportunity at truly making a big impact on the popular culture of USA snowshoe running and hopefully BE one of those great athletes in the sport.  I have been told that I show great promise in the sport and with only two official snowshoe races under my belt and two over one minute victory margins, I have been mentioned by many that  I could very well contend not only for a spot on the US National Team (Top 6) but also for the gold.

If you would like to contribute to the GET COLE TO BEND FUND, any form of donation will be much appreciated.  With Nationals next year in New York state, this is the time now for myself to solidify my career as an endurance athlete and as a semi-professional runner.  With your help, not only do I hope to perform well in Bend, but I hope to motivate others to follow in my footsteps and to be a level of inspiration for all.

Thank you!

Picture of myself finishing the 10k!

Sprinting to the finish! 1st place at Highland Forest 50:34

Coming through the trail!!! An incredible course and a wonderful race.  I cannot wait to be back in 2014 for Nationals on this course! It is going to be a real tough one!

Going out for my second 5k loop.  Mile 3-4 was the hardest mental challenge in the race!

Thursday Feb 14---I decided that by having an extremely busy day, that I would run to work. I have a great Lowe Alpine Fast Pack that has a 25L capacity and is as light-weight as they come!  I loaded my bag up and off I went. Running with a pack makes you feel a little like you are in the army but I still averaged a fast pace sure enough to make it to work in around 26-30 minutes.  Then once I had finished work, well I ran back home to get ready for a long night of class.  Class went well and Ashlee and myself had a nice relaxing Valentine's day together.  Bend, Oregon is right around the corner and I cannot wait to compete with the best in the country!

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