Saturday, February 23, 2013

Run with Jordan Kinley, Mammut and Trails

First off, I looked at and found this awesome article on the inaugural Cayuga Trails 50 miler which is going to be a star-studded event where I hope to really show the established elites my fitness levels which I feel are at the same levels as these individuals. It is going to be a major profile event and it is going to be so exciting to compete with the likes of Sage Canady, Dave Mackey, Jordan McDougal, David James, and others.

Feb 22, 2013--Ithaca day. I met up with Karhu/Craft rep and friend of my Jordan Kinley for a nice morning run.  We ran out along the Cayuga Lake trail for a solid 65 minutes. It was great to check in and run with a buddy of mine I have not seen in such a long time.

Feb 23---Run up the steep hills of NY with sleet and freezing rain. My legs felt a little tired but managed to keep it together for a solid 70 minutes with at least 2k in elevation change. I am trying to ramp up the vertical in my training to ensure strong closing speed and endurance for the Snowshoe Nationals as the race will be just near or at altitude and to ensure a top spot in the race, I will need a strong last 3k to seal myself a spot on the team.

Photo taken from  East Homer in the snow, what I see on a daily basis way on top of the high hills.

Feb 24----A solid 84 minute Long-grind-it out run.  I pushed every top incline and on the flat sections on the high ridges, opened up my stride to that of a more road savvy pace.  The wind was whipping up snow but the pace seemed relaxed and I flew up each steep slope managing sometimes a wobble on some of the steeper pitches.

Karhu Flow Trail!!!!! Snowshoe shoe anyone?

I am really excited about working with an outstanding outdoor company as a professional trail/mountain running athlete. I will not disclose the company until all the logistics are finalized but I am very excited about this opportunity.  This is a dream come true and I hope that I can not only bring some other great trail runners onto the team, but also act as the voice and spirit of the company.  They make incredible alpine-specific outdoor apparel and equipment and with the right levels of exposure in North America, which I hope I can contribute, will truly showcase the brand.  They have made a whole new trail/mountain running line and their products look amazing. From the apparel, the hydration, the SHOES!  Watch out America!

I also would like to thank Smartwool for joining my list of sponsors as a prodeal package which gives me sweet discounts on all of their apparel and I hope that in 2013 I can continue to work  with them to produce some amazing socks as an ambassador of their brand.  Which people...MERINO WOOL is an AMAZING FIBER. Worth the money and it feels soooo good! Check them out!

Monday---Feb 25---I am learning how to run tired. My legs this morning felt like they did not want to work.  My body is sore, and running uphill has been tough but I know that I need to in order to get my legs ready for Snowshoe Nationals.  This morning, it was snowing again which makes you feel that Old Man winter is never going to leave but I do enjoy winter as it is my favorite season.  I headed out to 281 which is a fairly busy road into Cortland then hit the cross street of Blue Creek and then up to Cosmos Hill Road. Cosmos Hill has many fancy homes and the views of the hills are immaculate.  I ran up another hill...Cosmos up to the crest and then ran around.  I had about 70 minutes of running just enough.

Tuesday--Feb 26--I headed out for my morning run out along the Cortland High school.  I needed to pick up a scholarship check at the University, so I decided to run the trails at the local high school.  I had my Nathan Hydration belt that I won at the Highland Forest 10k snowshoe race and I must say that the belt felt really nice to run in.  I believe it is called the Frost or Ice and it is a great snowshoe pack since the bottle keeps fluids from freezing.  The run was fun through the school trails. I felt like I could snowshoe on them as the snow was nice and crunchy and packed with a fine glaze of ice over them.  I ran that series until 8am then headed to the school since the office would open at that time.  I made it to the office, already an hour on my legs, picked up the checked then headed the last 2.5 miles home.  The sun had just started lighting up the day as I cruised to my front step. All in all, I feel like I have recovered some from all of my up-hill running of late and will be ready to put in a nice training effort tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Wednesday--Feb 27---Limehollow Snowshoe (Slush) Run.  I headed out the door for a nice 70 minute slush run in snowshoes before the snow was going to totally melt.  I ran the Lehigh's path then picked up Wilderness Way which is marked as a red trail and loved it. It was about 2 miles long or so and I ran a total of 2 loops out and back running the full 5k around 21 minutes which is a solid pace considering the slop.

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