Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gearing Up For Snowshoe Nationals

Wednesday Feb 20 as I have found out as the Hump day or day that is the mid-way part of the week. I went out along East River Road and was hammered with a blizzard. It was cold but I managed to throw in some sweet surges in ZERO visibility. The snow hitting my face would melt on my eyelashes then re-freeze making myself feel more like Jack Frost then Cole Crosby.  My Karhu shoes have been hurting my foot and I have found that a mesh synthetic piece has lot some of its stitching so my foot has been under siege by the overlays of the outer shell of the shoe.  I know it is not from the design of the shoe so I plan on using a shoe foam overlay piece that will help save my little toe.

I ran a total of 78 minutes and about 11-12 for the day.

Tomorrow, I am running a snowshoe time trial up at Hoxie Gorge State Forest. I hope to split a fast 10k course that I have measured with a rolling tape measurement piece.

Well, the snowshoe time trial turned out to be a snow slugfest.  There was so much fresh powder at Hoxie Gorge State Forest that even the wooded trail sections were very very deep maybe 1-2 feet at least.  Some sections I could open my stride out, others, I was trudging through knee-deep snow.  I must say, Hoxie Gorge holds its snow so well.  The run was cold but I had my Mammut Hoody which is super warm.  I used the hood which helped block the wind and the snow drifts that  I faced as soon as I hit the snowmobile section where you end up on a high ridge and are totally exposed to the wind.  I  ran well but more importantly, enjoyed being outdoors.  I was bundled up perfectly which made for a smooth trip to Hoxie Gorge. All in all, a successful day! I love these type of runs that pit you against mother nature full tilt and it was gorgeous running out in my favorite little running spot.

Tomorrow, I get the chance to run with the Famous Jordan Kinley, who is not only one fast dude but also a guy I met in Oklahoma who helped add fuel to the fire in terms of being a better runner and person.  Going to be fun!

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