Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting Back To Focus

This week after Wednesday has been full of busy school and work days and my running has been a mix of shorter faster night sprints followed by decent long hill runs up in the mountains. With the snowshoe race in Baldwinsville, NY cancelled due to lack of snow, I have this Superbowl Sunday to work on homework and to prepare for a busy week.  Had an amazing hilly run out to Lash Road over by Greek Peak and had a nice challenge getting back to running up tough climbs.

Monday Feb 4---13 mile run out along Kinney Gulf Road. I ran with Chris W and we went out nice and relaxed.  I even took us off of the road up onto a snowmobile trail.  It was a nice detour. The snow was flying and the traction was alright but not perfect. We ran up one last hill then turned back.  A pretty chill run and just as I write this the weather was getting COLD!  Now time to work on homework!

Tuesday Feb 5---Nice snowshoe run on the Cortland Country Club golf course.  The snow was a little weak in many spots so the running was fast and firm.  I did a couple of loops around the course then headed uphill along Da Vinci Road then back home.  I ran about 6-7 miles with snowshoes in my hands and about 4.5 with snowshoes on my feet.  The chill of winter was here, but I managed to run well and warm-up quite considerably.  I am trying to get some snowshoe time on my feet leading up to Sunday's big race at Highland Forest where a great field should be assembled for the 10k and my chances at stamping my name in for nationals is on the line!

Wednesday Feb 6-----Night Run out along 215 up the hills on a cold night. I ran out along Willowbrook golf course and had an amazing view of the Big Dipper and the stars in the night sky. It was so surreal to be outside freezing my bum bum off feeling like I was one with the universe.  It was amazing to be out there when everyone else was watching the Cortland episode of Ghost Hunters.  I blazed down the road by Walmart and then headed back on 13 towards down-town and back home. Once I hit Suny Cortland, I picked up my cadence and was flying.  I felt sad this run knowing I have no idea where my headlamp is. Luckily, I had my trusty flashlight to guide the way and as a solid athlete, I have some pretty sweet hook-ups on outdoor products such as those from Petzl, La sportiva and Mountain Hardwear.  I got in about 72 minutes and 11 miles. It was a nice end to a long day working.

Thursday Feb 7----Tired morning run out along East River Road. I headed up the first right hand turn past Ames Road uphill.  Then turned onto a more or less private road that has an nasty uphill section of a mile and a half.  Being so fatigued from this week I slugged up the snowy pass losing my footing. I hit the upper crest of the hill and took a breather. THen I descended back home. A nice 72 minute run for 11 miles again.  I am a little behind with my usual mileage but this week has been a tough week balancing everything but I will soon learn to adapt to my new schedule.

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