Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arctic Blast

It has been so cold in Cortland as of late.  We have been in the single digits at best and below zero consistently for about 4 days.  I have tried my best to run and have succeeded. Yeah it is really cold, but with the right layers, gloves, hats, socks the whole deal, then ultimately, you are cold for the first few miles then BAM, you are nice and warm.  I have my first snowshoe race of the season at Winona State Forest Sunday morning and the weather is going to cooperate with sun and highs in the low 20's which many would argue is perfect snowshoe weather since the race is in a forest and wind chill does not exist in lush pine.  That is what I also learned from this week. Running in heavily forested areas in extreme cold days is the way to do it as the wind chill cannot reach you while you are hidden away in the woods.  Most people would think that running in any cold is crazy and it is but I enjoy the challenge and I train in this weather with the preparation for the conditions meaning I do not take any risks because it could mean something horrible.  So remember, understand the conditions. If it is a cold -14 windchill day but the regular air temp is 10 degrees, run in the woods with Yaktrax or snowshoes so that your run is not in sub zero conditions but rather warmer ones.

Thursday Jan 24th--A frigid 7:30 am below zero run where the temps were about 6 to 10 below. It was so cold that my breath froze my scarf!  Ran up Pendleton and ran a side neighborhood road once at the top. I ran about maybe 4.5-5 miles out then headed home.  Everyone is dropping their kids off at school and it can be a little crazy trying to negotiate all the crazy parents but luckily there are nice wide bike lanes here which allow for me to stay as far away as possible from those parents.  I ran probably just under 10 today as my pace was in the 6:40-7 minute range I would guess.  It was not a hard effort just getting outside was an accomplishment in itself.

Friday Jan 25th---Ran with Chris for about an hour then add 14 more minutes to that for a total of 74 minutes and about 10-11 miles.  We ran the old Suny Cortland school loop up on the top of the hill past the athletic fields just as snow was coming down. It has been cold but not as bad since the temps have not been below zero.  I made sure it was an honest pace around 7 mins a mile through the snow-covered streets. We looped up another hill off of Mcclean road back over to Route 222 then headed back. The stretch on 222 was freezing as there are no trees and the wind can be strong that way especially since there is an airfield right on this road.

I am excited about the Winona 5k snowshoe race this Sunday and I think it is going to be a fun event. I hope to run fast and it should be a nice day.

The race starts at 10:30am and registration is from 9:30-10:15am.  How many chances do you really get to run at such an amazing venue?  The answer is not too many so I am going to make the most of it come Sunday!

Saturday Jan 26---Night run on the east Homer Hills.  The moon was out, it was cold indeed but the glimmer from Cortland below and the blue hues given off from the moon hitting the snow was glamourous. Just so peaceful like right out of a story book.  I ran about 10 miles and 65 minutes or so. Ran the uphills strong to prepare for tomorrow's snowshoe race.  I am going to be racing Acidotic so I want to show up in full style.

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