Saturday, January 19, 2013

School Begins, SNowshoe this weekend, Training and Life

Jan 27th, I will embark on a nice run at Winona State Forest in the Tug Hill Region of Upstate New York.  It should be a nice snowshoe event and I hope to run a blistering 5k time on the course.  Training as of late has had its ups and downs. I have been getting in the time and mileage but my body has been tired.  Some days I fly up the ascents and some days, I squirm like a dying worm straight up to the top.  Yesterday was a rest day for me as Ashlee and myself hung out along mainstreet in Cortland just hanging out and talking to people.

Today, Jan 20, it is not a super cold day but the wind is much like a windy Oklahoma day.  There has been a wind advisory issued here and boy is it windy.  I wanted to run a nice long run with some serious inclines so I headed out along Albany Street up to Corl Hill Road.  These roads I am talking about are steep and long hills that take you from a little river up to almost 2,000 feet so imagine about a series of 800ft climbs every mile or so. Once I had made it up the first big uphill, the wind was at my back and was thrusting me downhill.  About a mile down the road, I turn a corner and whooosh the wind almost picked me up.  If it gusts around 50-60 on the valley just imagine what the summits of these mountains are like.  I did my slogging run up these steep inclines to a nice turn-around point overlooking the hills and countryside.  As I turned back the wind was now in my face and the first uphill I felt like death was imminent.  I was on an exposed tier of the mountainside and the wind cut through me like a jackhammer. It had to be gusting 80mph as my cheeks flopped in the gusts and I held onto my hat as the wind pierced my ears and almost made me feel as if my ears were bleeding.  I suffered on the way back and once I was off of the higher elevations, I was so relieved.  I did not run fast today. I probably logged about 15-16 miles in 1 hour and 36 minutes.  It was a tough run but I hope that work and football later today will be much better.

School begins this Tuesday and it is going to be another great semester.  While working at the Finger Lakes Running Company, I hope to have the chance to run some great trails in Ithaca. I will keep you all posted.

Monday-Jan 21--84:55 minute run. Ran out along Scenic Bike Route 11 out to South Hill Road. The road is nice and gently rolling so I can really get my legs moving.  South hill Road is the only major uphill section which only lasted for the last half mile before turn-around.  I went out nice and strong as we have snow showers!  Almost all of the snow had melted then today snow is covering the ground once more.  It is not coming down in vast quantities but it is sticking.  The run was very peaceful and I bundled up properly.  I had the chance to get the legs moving and it worked out well for me.

Tues Jan 22---Limehollow Snowshoe run. Today, the weather is arctic. Wind chills in the -14 range can make anyone freeze.  I decided to do a snowshoe run because I knew it would keep me in tree-lined single and double track trail so I would be protected by the wind.  After work, I drove to my usual spot by Tunison Labs on the back-side of the trails.  I strapped on the snowshoes and set out on my adventure. The snow was about 4 inches deep which allowed for fast running and the occasional running into roots and rocks underfoot. I felt very natural running my 9.5-10 miles or so for about 70 minutes.  The bitter chill I faced initially soon disappeared as my hands warmed and so did my body. I ran right around sub 7 minute pace running the Chicago bog trails and up into snowmobile trails. It was a great time out there and I really enjoyed the winter wonderland.

Wednesday Jan 23---Nice 78 minute run out through Homer, NY. I headed out my usual route along the downtown of Homer and the sun came out just as I started my run and though the temps were below zero, the sun warmed it up. I really never felt that cold while running which was nice and I got in a little extra exercise running through the snow on the roads and the sidewalks.  I ran to the Tully Lakes area near Health Camp Road then turned back.  I tried to avoid open areas that would be subject to some wind and really I have found arctic running to be not all that bad.  There is so much technical apparel out there that you can go and run in great wicking layers that keep you warm but do not weigh you down.  I headed back and finished strong sprinting the last straight-away before my street.  I probably logged about 11 miles today because some moments through the snow, I had to go slower than usual so my pace lagged at those moments.  It is almost time for snowshoe season to begin for myself and I am eager to seeing the season begin.

Photo taken from Trip for Hope Lake Lodge

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