Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking Back and Ahead

A-OK 25 K

Finishing a fun fun Oklahoma trail run!

Syracuse Half.com  Syracuse in the Morning at -6
I am already excited for a fast race come March 24th. By march, this sleeping giant we call Syracuse will come alive as top runners from all over flock to the inaugural Syracuse 13.1 extravaganza!  

Running has been going well and I must say that after my snowshoe race the other day, I am hooked. I love snowshoe running so much that once we get some more snow out there, I am going to go out there and run some more trails with my shoes.  Tomorrow should bring some more showers and warm weather is taking hold.  But I hope that we end up with some more snow so that Beaver Lake Nature Center Snowshoe race will not be cancelled this weekend.  Running in Oklahoma really fostered my love for running and the urge to take this thing to the next level.  My ultimate life goal for the state will be to establish a state forest system there since that state with more trees would probably not be so hot and it would provide great environmental, water quality, air quality and recreational movements and opportunities for the state.  Living in Up State New York has taught me a lot about the natural environment, about the differences in people, and the appreciation for those things in life that truly are priceless. I have learned that the environment both the natural or organic and the artificial manufactured settings provide both a balance and system of living and coexisting that we must be wary of.  What makes running special to me? It gives me that ability to tap into my senses, to feel, see, smell, hear, and sometimes taste the world around me.  It opens my eyes to the surrounding area. I can see economics, politics, botany, recreation, philosophy, law, and history all in play based on my surroundings.  The environment around me is my textbook. I run to learn about myself and the outside world.  Our youth today struggles with a condition called Nature Deficit Disorder where kids lose a sound connect with the environment and become negligent or disconnected with the outside world.  To them, the world revolves around video games and playing indoors.  

We need to get back to learning to love and loving to learn about our world, about the place that we too often take for granted. Running is my instrument for interpretation. What's yours?

Wednesday Jan 30th I ran in the pouring rain after work at the Finger Lakes Running Company and headed from my car with my headlamp out to Ithaca College and South Hill. I ran that South Hill pretty well then headed into the campus of Ithaca College. I saw glowing blue buildings in the campus that looked like something from outer space (pretty cool) then continued to run laps up and down the parking lots.  I then headed out of Ithaca College and back towards my car on Hudson and Giles. I then headed out by the Six Mile Creek trail and ran uphill through the back-streets then headed back. I traced about 10.5 miles and it was a nice hilly run that was not too tough on my legs. All the snow has melted here so we just have to wait and see if we end up with anymore soon as it is in the forecast to receive about 4-6 inches by Sunday.

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