Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday---Rain and ALLL

I went out for a nice Sunday run and decided that 75 minutes would be enough. I still had that fatigued feeling in my body and made the effort to enjoy the run in the rain.  It felt great to have some rain and my new Salomon jacket really is great with rain and the cold damp weather conditions. I ran some hills and this weather will be short-lived as 70's and 80's are in store for the area for eternity.

Monday---Run with Ashlee. It was hot as we made a 26 minute loop out of a Norman bike outing.  She rode her bike and I tired to keep pace. The temperature was around 79 and my body was tired from the week of running so it was hard to keep up but I made the effort to put in some nice speed work.  Ran maybe 3 miles or so.  (AM)

(PM)---Ran up to Summit Lakes development and just did a nice loop out towards East Lindsey.  The moon was covered by the clouds and it made for a very dark and erie run but it was nice to have the solace of the night on my side.  50 minutes was the total time of the run as I amassed about 75 mins for the day.  I caught a leisure biker out on the sidewalk and scared the living daylights out of him which was funny. I bet he never thought that a skinny white kid could run so fast!

Tuesday-- 1 hour 38 minute run with Scott Downard out on the hills of East Norman.

Wednesday--- 65 minute swampy humid run out to Cedar Lane. Ran real easy and now I work a 11 hour day at the club.

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