Sunday, March 25, 2012

Potential Remaining Race Calendar for Oklahoma

SO I still have some time left before the big move and I am looking into what races to run.

April 7th --- Lake McMurtry Trail Race  Stillwater, OK

April 15---- Redbud Classic---OKC

April 29th---- OKC Marathon

May 12---  Cavanal Killer 8k----Poteau, OK

Sunday---Run to see Ashlee at Husdsons....17 miles---It was a nice night-time run that took me out on Main street, Robinson, over to Ok Runner, over to Hudsons, to Bank of America and then by the Sooner Mall and Hollywood Theatre and then back on Robinson. It was a nice long run and the cool air felt so good since I am not totally acclimated to 80 degree weather just yet.

Tuesday--- 7 miles of running at Belmar Golf Club. It was a little warm but a nice fast-paced tempo on the grass of the course.

Wednesday---13 mile run from Embassy Suites at night all around Rock Creek Road and the Polo fields.

Thursday--Run as the sun sets out on the hills of Norman.  All the way out to 72nd...nice long loop to Highway 9 and back.  15 miles

Friday---Night run out to Robinson. Beautiful stars in the sky and a nice humid evening to help acclimate me to the weather I might face at OKC.  Fast run of 11.32 miles at 5:36 PACE!

Saturday-- Nice run of 84 minutes running in  the warmth that is now Summer in Oklahoma.  It is the last day of March and running out here is crazy already and feels like mid-July in New Jersey.

Sunday--Night Run around OU campus...a little cooler than 90 degrees and it was a sweaty humid run but felt good with my mid-day nap out of the way.  Logged 70 minutes or so.

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