Friday, March 16, 2012

Night Rider

Friday--- night run of 12 miles in 75 fartlek with 5 mile pick-up

Saturday---Run of 1 hour and 32 minutes on Cedar Lane and Weather Tower up on THE HILL.

Sunday-- 15 min  run to my car parked at Bison Witches

Monday-Torrential rain and a run on Alameda with my Inov 8 shoes up and through the pounding rain and almost out towards Lake Thunderbird. There is something so special about running in the rain. There is this sense of peace that comes with it and today was no different.  It is time to get the extra miles in before OKC and I am training hard, working hard, and working with Ashlee to get everything in order for our move to NJ and NY. Today was a run of about say 13-14 miles!

Tuesday--- Nice run out on 36th then a loop on Rock Creek through Sutton Wilderness and then back home. I ran about 76 minutes and to describe the run, I was floating. Everything felt effortless and that is a great sign for my upcoming marathon and for any other races I can run in to prep for the big show.

Wednesday---Run out to Bank of America. The sun was out and the rain has subsided. It was a gorgeous day with the morning temps in the 50's. I ran with my fanny pack out to the bank and then through the OU campus back home. I feel really good and I am so excited to race the marathon in my pair of new Karhu shoes that Jordan Kinley  is so generously helping me out with!  Karhu is a very interesting brand and it is known for really great color patterns and designs and a shoe that focuses on the natural gait of a runner!

Thursday--- Run with Kelly Waters. Easy run of 35 with her out to the OU track and we did some strides and then I left and ran the last 48 minutes on my lonesome to get in some extra miles.  The day was beautiful as the rain ended and the weather became perfect and sunny.

Friday---Run out to Lake THunderbird. I parked at the lodge and then ran out towards the campsites on the shoreline. I was impressed with all the cars now vacating the once barren park because it is officially spring and the weather is AMAZING.  I ran along some of the trails of Indian Point and then headed back out towards 120th street. 120th is by far the toughest road to run on here in Norman.  The hills are long and brutal and just as many as Cedar Lane and some of the other spots.  The road begins with a long gradual 1.5 mile incline at 8% grade which is pretty tough. Then once you crest the top, a downhill followed by a nice long uphill again and repeat it all over again and again and again.  I ran at 6 as the sun as low in the sky and the reflections of the sun off of the water presented the most magnificent golden hue I have ever seen.  I love Lake Thunderbird runs and today was a hard run with strong pace increases and a blazing 4:48 finishing mile up and down some hills that can really test the runner. It felt great to set a new PR on this section after a 14 mile run as my personal best came almost a year ago when I ran 70 minutes and split a 5:06 last mile or so. Today, I was on top of the game and this is all great news for OKC marathon race day.

I am so thankful that OKC will be my closing of a great 5 years here in Oklahoma where I have molded myself into a real runner and a stronger more mature person.

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