Monday, March 5, 2012

Back To Life

Monday begins yet another week of running and life.  I had the chance to head to Atoka, Oklahoma for a fun trail race and while being lost for 3 miles got back on track to run a top time of 1 hour and 45 mins for the original 15.5 mile race which became a 18.5 jaunt.

Today, I had two workouts: 1. Ashlee and myself ran around our neighborhood for 30 minutes, she biked while I ran. It was a ton of fun and it felt nice to get some pop back into my sore legs.  The PM effort came with a nice run out to Bank of America to deposit my paycheck and some cash and to try out my new hydration back-pack from Osprey packs thanks in part from Backwoods.  The 4 liter pack is amazing and by taking out the hydration bladder, the pack converts into a nice storage pack that molds to your body. The pack really helped me fly!  I can already tell this pack will come in handy for long trail running efforts or on hot days where lots o water is needed.

I was able to run for 90 minutes in all today and probably about 13 miles.  I have to gear back up for the Sooner 10k this weekend and to defend my title as reigning champion.

Tuesday---72:39...11 miles a nice run out on the hills of Cedar Lane! Tons of wind that blew dust into my face and eyes. The turn-around had me flying through the air with the wind gusty near 60 and consistent winds at 30 mph. Welcome to Oklahoma I guess.\\\

Wednesday--More wind! Run of 1 hour and 34 minutes out to Lake Thunderbird on Alameda and then back home. I ran to North Sentinel and it was a great run. I got pretty hungry on the way back but overall it was a nice strong run. Temperatures in the 70's was nice.  I am ready for a new pair of running shoes and my marathon shoes for OKC I think are going to be the Karhu Flow because they are light but also durable for the longer distance where for me, a light but sturdy shoe will do best for me and my flat feet.

Thursday---Run with Scott out along campus. A nice run in some cold and rainy conditions. I ran a bunch today by logging 1 hour and 41 minutes in total of running which would amount to a ton of miles maybe 16 or 17 or 18. I am done with the long runs for this week as I am set to race on Saturday at the Sooner 10k Challenge.

Friday--45 minute run at night to my car left at Belmar Golf Club. It was fun to use the headlamp and a nice run to prepare for the Sooner 10k.

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