Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week back!

After my fun weekend in Oklahoma and Arkansas, I am now trying to rest my sore legs and hopefully get myself back into race form as I work out the soreness.

The 50k did a number on my legs as my runs this week have been the same time but slower overall pace and distance. I have run 77 mins, 75 mins, and today in the heart of Moore and Indian Hills Road, about 80 minutes and 11.4 miles.  Today, my legs are almost back to normal which will be very exciting for me as I can soon run hard and fast.  It was a great trip and I am so thankful for my family to be there all along the way!

Yesterday, I ran an amazing night run in the rain with Connor!  We just strolled around OU and it was amazing to catch back up and to have the chance to run with the headlamp in the pouring rain. I think my legs have finally come back to me which means next week I can ramp up the mileage and training again!  I ran about 1 hour and 15  minutes or say 11 miles!

Friday--PM 35 min night run. Felt nice though it has super cool weather aloft!  Windchills in the teens is COLD!  But nothing like some Under Armor to help keep the body heat flowing!

Saturday--Run out to Noble Hill country. Ran about 66 minutes enough for 10-10.5 miles! My legs are back to normal! And man, running in the 20's feels odd with all the 60 degree weather we have had!

Sunday---Run out towards Moore on Porter ave as we await snow!!!!  The run had me all bundled up because of the winter chill in the air and I ran real well with 1 hour and 26 minutes and about 13-14 miles as I headed out to the Moore Technology school.  This was the first run where I was able to run a fast pace say 6:20 and under the whole way and not feel to fatigued as I went up and down the Oklahoma hills of the plains country.  It was a great run and I am excited about the chance to run in some snow as 1-3 inches is forecasted for tomorrow! It is finally time to bust out the snow shoes!

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