Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lonely Out on The Roads

Mon--- 1 hour and 28 mins


Wed---76 mins

Saturday--Run with OK runner group out on west of town on the agricultural flats.  13 miles
Sunday--Run in Dark and scraped up hands....Out on Porter Ave.... 11 miles and 73 mins

Sunday---I was nearly hit by a stupid ambulance driver who had the idea to not look at the road ahead and glanced my heel and sent me into the cement. I tore up my right hand pretty good but I handled only a few deep scrapes on my hands and nothing else so I was very lucky.
Monday---79 min run out along highway 9. Humid and potentially rainy where the temps were mild as my bandaged hand broke out a nice sweat!  Decent run, not fast nor slow.

Tuesday---Run at night out in the wind. Ran by OU and the Weather Center. A nice easy 76 minute run in the mild 60 degree temps and a gusty south wind.  There is nothing like running at a University campus at night! The peace and quiet of students getting ready to study or party!

Wednesday--Run from Belmar Golf Club. I was greeted with 75 degree weather and sunny after my work shift. It was a perfect spring day as I headed out on Indian Hill Road out on the gravel away from the hustle and bustle of people.  I saw maybe one truck on the road as the warm day is something I will get used to but I am a little sad that winter has not even existed here in Oklahoma and has skipped straight into spring/early summer.  I have seen a few snow flakes this year but no big snow storms or major accumulations. Up state New York will have that for me which I look forward to working on the cool winter running.  I ran a total of 80 minutes today and 13 miles. My training is coming along after I was nearly hit by an ambulance at Norman Regional Hospital on Monday night.

My next big race is the A-OK 50k/25k where I will be running the 25k. I look forward to the race and to run a fast time!  I had an off week of training but  I am really ready to run well as I truly prepare for the Okc marathon.

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