Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Day and the Meltdown!!!!!!

Monday was a great day for snow. We had about 2 inches of fresh white powder to great the day.

Monday-Run at the OU xc course on snow.  Ran for 75 minutes about say 11-11.5 miles

Tuesday--Run with the sunset.  I headed out on Alameda street towards Lake Thunderbird and then turned on 72 street.  A great run and was able to hit 1 hour and 28 minutes and approximately 13 miles!

The rest of the week has been so busy I have not found the time to write down all of my running. But, I can attest and say that  I am running and feel rested and so this next week begins hard mileage at 90-100 miles and I stray away from little relaxing runs.  I might throw some tempos in but it is officially time to get serious for the OKC marathon.

Sunday morning is by far the best day to run in Oklahoma. Everyone is either at sleep from drinking too much the night before or church is looming for those that attend.  That means for me that I can go out and run and sometimes never see any cars!  Today I ran by the famous Toby Keith's house and was able to run  road normally caked with cars, car-less.  It was so peaceful to have the morning to just relax and enjoy the start of the day. I ran 1 hour and 28 minutes and a good say 13-14 miles. Today was a Sunday just run day and it feels great to finally have a morning run in the books since I work most mornings.  The morning-time is so peaceful and it is that feeling of being outdoors in a tranquil setting that I miss the most. Hopefully, I can start to have more mornings off so I can run in peace and quiet more often!

Monday--Run to bank at night. High winds and a chilly air made for an Oklahoma-good-time Totaled 66 minutes and about 10.5 miles.

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