Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cayuga Trails 50---2 weeks away!

The Cayuga Trail 50 miler is almost here and training has been solid. I have run up and down hills, had many 2 + hour efforts, and lots of trail running. I should be ready to run well.  With helping to open a new running store in Binghamton, I look to now take the time to review some of my products my generous sponsors have been letting me test out.

And I had my first real run in Binghamton yesterday for a solid hour and 10 miles but the cool thing was that I was able to discover the vast network of trails that meander through the woods behind the Binghamton zoo.  Pretty cool being out on such nice winding double-track trails that it would seem that most people would never know these trails ever existed!

Saturday May 25-----

 I went on a nice run to hopefully have the chance to run the Binghamton U nature preserve. Well, I missed the initial turn into the preserve but I did run a little off- trail near Stair Park and then ran on Fuller Hollow Road. Being up on the hill tops in Binghamton is a really cool experience.  In Cortland, the vistas are wide and expansive, in Binghamton you have nice open views and high hills that tower over you. It is just incredible to see such large hills that are so lush and green this time of year. I thought Cortland had steep hills but Binghamton can rival those inclines.  The main difference between the two is that Cortland is not as developed so as you head out of town, you are up on the small one-lane roads up in the hills with homes well spread out and most are farms. So far, with my Binghamton runs, I have been running in small neighborhoods up in the hills.  With my run I wanted to head back so I looked for my first right-turn back into town.  Bunn Hill road was that first right. I took Bunn Hill straight into the Binghamton University campus and ran around the campus and then got onto Vestal Ave and headed back to the shop.  It was a great hill run and I felt like after a wonderful day at work, the run was the perfect cherry on top. I totaled about a 13 mile run and it was a great time. I did not have time for the nature preserve, but it will just have to be saved for another run.

Sunday May 26----Nice cool day with the wind. I headed out along Kellogg Road in Cortland up into Tuller Hill State Forest in Virgil. I was wearing my Hokas for some recovery the other day and they gave me that extra pop to put in a nice 14.7 miles today. I wanted a slightly longer run than yesterday but at a slightly slower pace.  The only thing that happens with me is that once I get the blood pumping, I am always bound to pick up the pace for a few solid mid-run miles.  This happened right in Virgil as I made my first initial strong climb. The road flattens out a little and I got the legs rolling. The down hill led into the uphill and then the rest was history. Before I know it,  I am running in Tuller Hill State Forest with the lovely tree coverage providing nice shade and wind blockage.  This run made me feel like I was back in Oklahoma with the 30 mph gusts which was often a common day out in the windy state.  For the Cayuga Trails 50, I just have to keep on the path with my current training and then rest-up for race day.  I will start to need to eat healthier more often, sleep more often, and just enjoy the long process as it is almost time to test my fitness.

Monday and Tuesday---First run was a quick 45 minute run in Binghamton then Tuesday I ran about 12 up the hills in Homer.  I am excited to race after a month or so of quality training. Here is a cool article about the record I set at the White Rock 50k which was a hard 6,000 ft elevation gain and loss race where I ran 3:53 in Inov8s  that had my calves ready to explode with 8 miles to go!

Wednesday---May 29----Starting an easy morning run after the intense rain and storms here in NY. I headed out along the SUNY Cortland campus. It was a lovely humid day. I sloshed in all of the puddles and then as usual went off the road onto some trails over by the Cortland watershed.  With running a double,  I am trying to get in a longer more quality session in the morning followed by the uptempo evening effort to provide both levels of stress on my body.  There has been so much going on lately that it has been so hard to adapt and adjust. The heat is coming I can feel it and  I will have to be careful leading into next week.

Thursday--Hot morning run around Cortland. Kinda uneventful just focused on getting a solid 10.5 miles in.
Friday May 31----Worked in Ithaca then headed out to the Rec Way trails and worked on my uphill and downhill running for CT50.  It was a super hot day and I had tons of people out there taking a dip in the streams and waterfalls.  I ran really solid and passed even some kids fishing out on the trail.  I felt strong out there even with the heat and finished well. I envisioned myself at the CT50 mile race next weekend just flowing on the ups and flying on the downs.

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