Friday, May 10, 2013

Training Leading up to Cayuga Trails 50

Running. I have been doing a good amount of it lately.

With work, I have been able to schedule really nice training efforts, some in the 2-hour range allowing to get in some quality time out there.

I have incorporated my standard hill training both the ups and downs to prepare for the Cayuga Trails 50 and hard pace increases mid-run to allow for my body to learn how to respond to moves and for myself to be able to make them as well.

The rain has added another dimension to the training and I feel that I am truly ready for a peak race. I have worked hard for my current level of fitness and I am excited about finally being able to showcase my strengths.

Some key runs this week have been my 2 hour long run up off near Hoxie Gorge and South Hill Road, The Black Diamond Trail run in Ithaca, and the 33:57 FKT run to Tower Road---(2,320 feet of constant ascent) from my house.

This Sunday on Mother's day, a cold front has moved in a little bit and has cooled off the 70 degree weather we have had of late to more cold Fall weather with 40's and 30's today and tomorrow which is quite cool in relation to the constant level of nice mild weather.

The key I have learned with training is that you must take it a day at a time and the cumulative effects of hard efforts and recovery efforts will lead to sound performances come race day.  It is that level of consistency and enjoyment out of the running that will ultimately lead to great results. And of course variety in training helps prepare you for any type of condition or obstacle that can occur during a race.

For Sunday May 12 th after a nice day of work I headed out along Buttermilk falls state park and ran the bear trail. It was a cool day but I was able to get rolling pretty quick. It was fun to be immersed in the woods with the wind whipping through the trees. I ended up taking the orange blazes into a deep field then Bushwacked for a good mile before turning back.

Monday---65 minute shake-out run into Homer.  Ran in the Hokas, nice and easy.  Ran the Albany street back-way which has a solid climb. Great run.

Tuesday---May 14th---Woke up and went for a solid hill run up along Ames Road and hit the hills out near Mcgraw.  The weather was perfect with it in the 40's and 50's and sunshine.  Had some strong climbs that I worked on my uphill speed.  Got in about 78 minutes and around 11-12 miles.

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