Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cayuga Trails 50 Mile Preview

This saturday will mark my first big-time ultra!  With athletes such as Sage Canaday, Jordan Mcdougal, Ben Nephew, Matt Flaherty and many others.  I did my last hard effort to get myself ready mentally for the race. It was a rainy day as I headed out to Greek Peak and the Finger Lakes Trail sections in the bordering state forests.  I took the Tuller Hill trail section because of its nice blend of steep climbs and sweltering descents.  It was quite the humid day with bursts of heavy rain in the forests.  The trail conditions were slick and muddy which is why I decided to run in my La Sportiva Raptors just for the sake of keeping my Mammut Trail runners dry for Cayuga Trails. I am feeling fitter than ever as the full trail section that on average normally takes me 80 minutes to complete I finished even with slow running through the deep mud in an hour.  As I rounded the last turn onto the main road, I headed to the Hope Lake Lodge Nordic Ski trails for a few more miles.  I ended up with a nice run and besides taking a gel and not paying attention to the flow of the gel (I squirted half the gel all over my hand), I really had a nice training effort. Now it is time this week to eat well, rest well, and just run to run so that come Saturday, I can ensure that I give my best overall effort. It is fun for me because I am a relative unknown in terms of trail running in the mainstream swing of things.  This race will be one of my first real opportunities at showcasing all of the hard work I have been putting forth on the trails specifically the last two years.  I went from a kid focused on running fast road 10ks that could handle small hills but would blow-up on big climbs.  It has been two years since my eye-opening experience at Mount Washington where hobbling up the mountain with a destroyed calf would teach me the technique and specific training necessary to handle mountain/trail running.  I feel that I have put in that level of intensity to my current training.  I worked hard on hills to strengthen my climbing technique and though I may not be running sub six minute pace up 1k of vertical, that does not mean that the intensity is not there.  The time is finally here to prove myself, to my sponsors, my friends, family, to the community of trail running.  This time is my time!

 My Fits Socks are some of the best socks I have ever run in for the trails. Not only do the socks fit perfectly, but they are soft, breathe well and dry super quick as the merino wool of the sock is able to repel outside moisture much better than your standard sock.

Right by Gatherings with my Acidotic Racing Head Buff!!!!

Fits Trail socks fit like a glove!

Now onto the official race preview:::::::

The gear lined out for the Cayuga Trails 50

Sponsors for the race:  Mammut, Acidotic Racing, Fits Socks, Ultraspire Hydration, Karhu/Craft Road Shoes(hanging out)

MTR 71 Shirt---A truly amazing shirt. I am used to racing in singlets though this shirt feels as dry if not drier than most singlets. Sweat just disappears with this shirt.  The Ventech fabric is soft, light, and super breathable.  Mammut also makes really durable product and it stretches well which can save you if you are ever to get snagged by a branch on a technical trail run.  A piece worth every single penny! I have never before ever had a piece of clothing that is able to make me feel so comfortable yet be so functional.  When running, you can feel the breeze in this shirt and the athletic cut helps to hold your body's natural figure nicely which in turn will reduce the amount of chaffing.  My go-to race top!

MTR 71 Shorts---I never thought running in any short that was not a split short was the thing for me.  I love to feel light and fast and hate when a short feels more like a heavy basketball short that blocks your full range of movement. Well, not in the MTR short. The length is perfect (feels like a 3-4 inch inseam) and the shorts are super light and have great stretch to them.  In other words, they fit like a glove.  Mammut apparel is light but also 

MTR 141 Trail Shoe By Mammut
This shoe is Mammut's mid-line shoe. What I mean by that is this is the best model for any interested trail runner that is looking for a solid trail shoe. Priced at 119 shows its versatility in terms of the market.  The shoe itself is absolutley outstanding.  The 141 comes in three colors for one, the pull lacing system really holds the midfoot well, and the toe flex of a Nike Free on an agressive but smooth feeling trail shoe make this model a MUST HAVE!  The shoe utilizes its basefit technology which hold the foot secure throughout the gait cycle and allows for a shoe that can take a beating but still fits like a racing flat.  THe Sonar outsole technology allows for ripples or little lugs that grip and hold on all surfaces and flexes so well. The Sonar tech. works well on asphalt, snow, mud, dry trails, and rocks and roots.  The MTR 141 also incorporates a sound toe bumper to protect against hammer-toe and sharp debris.  I really have been impressed with the shoe. Its cushioning is great for the longer distances but can function incredibly well in shorter runs, it can work on road surfaces but is a true alpine juggernaut.  The toe flex in such a stable and well-designed shoe is by far what makes the 141 a killer shoe. I have never seen a shoe with such a durable upper, outsole, and cushioning system be so flexible right where you need it.  When going uphill, this shoe is able to track and flex on the steepest of pitches and provide the best in a toe spring. My go-to Cayuga Trails 50 miler shoe! 

MTR 201 Micro Jacket
This jacket will be my warm-up piece for the pre-race and cool-down jacket for post race.  The one thing you need to take from this review is that Mammut makes the lightest equipment but also the strongest.  I have snagged this jacket on sharp sticks and branches and nothing has come to the jacket.  It is great for cold weather, warm weather, windy weather, wet and rainy weather.  All of Mammut's apparel focuses on temperature regulation so no matter the temperature outside, their apparel is able to function in different ways depending on the weather conditions.  With that said, Mammut apparel keeps you in the sweet spot of bodily temperatures where you stay dry, cool, warm, LONGER.  I run outside in the worst of conditions with a smile on my face because Mammut makes bad weather...FUN!

I have been very lucky to have a sock sponsor called Fits. The company is based in Tennessee where tons of my family are from so you know these are going to be great socks! Fits socks come with 5 size options to guarentee optimal fit while most sock companies come stocked with 4 sizes.  Fits socks have blended merino wool which allow for their socks to keep water and moisture out of your feet so that your feet stay drier for longer.  With trail running, Fits just fit so well. Yeah they look like long stocking but they stretch in the fibers of the sock allow for the socks to gently hug your feet and their softness is unparralled.  The closed toe creates a no-seam effect which blisters do not know how to form in these socks.  Fits " F3 Technology delivers a unique form FIT thanks to a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam, and contoured leg" (  This 3 Fit system is so amazing and if you want durable, super-soft, and the best fitting socks you have ever worn, get a pair of Fits Socks--They ROCK!

I will be racing in my Acidotic Racing Visor (on right) in honor of my New Hampshire mountain goat borthers and sisters which our team is awesome. Chris Dunn is a great team owner and he is the MAN! My Mammut visor will be for the post-race.

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