Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snow Showers---

It already feels like winter here in New York. As soon as November hit, we had snow showers. This was the first time seeing snow in 2 and a half years.  It was so amazing running up on the higher latitudes in Mcgraw, NY and being immersed in 2 inches of snow making me feel like I was living in Alaska or something.  After the Endurance Monster Road Race, I have been training well and have been getting the school work done.  Last week, my training was not too intense, but I did get some nice quality long sessions in of 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The snow has been nice and now it is just chilly when I run in my jackets, tights, hats and gloves but I welcome this weather. Living in Oklahoma, this level of cold is nothing as the wind-chill here is nowhere what was once felt.  I enjoy the colder temps as the 30's and 20's are not bad for running and after you warm-up, you are golden.  There is no greater feeling than being perfectly comfortable where you are and once I warm up, I am golden.  The colder weather means snowshoe running too and I am so excited for it. I love fall and winter running and I feel like it is time to get a real taste of a NY State Winter!

I will be running the It's A Wonderful Run 5k in Seneca Falls December 8th!  After that, it is all about Snowshoe!!!! I hope to become the NY State SNowshoe Champion and even have the chance to run at Bend, Oregon for the National Championships for 10k snowshoe!

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