Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cortland YMCA Turkey Trot

Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot in Cortland, NY. I have no idea what the competition will be like but I look forward to seeing the community of Cortland come together for the event. Olympia SPorts will be in strength at the event with store's 20% coupons so come to the event to get the holidays kicking!

So, it was so nice to have a local 5k a mile away. I got everything organized and then joined with Ashlee where we waited for the race to start. It was a nice cold morning with temps in the mid to low 30's. For me, I can handle that!  I warmed up well and then just awaited the race start. Scoping out the competition, there was a couple of guys that could potentially give me a run for my money.

From the get go- I was with this one tall blonde dude and he was trying to push the pace.  We were totally at 4:50 pace and I just made sure he was not going to try anything heroic. We stuck together really well with him making mini-moves from a half mile in all the way through the mile at 4:51 to the turn-around point at 1.5 miles.  From the 1.5 mile marker, I kept running my pace at around 5 minutes a mile and the guy I was with let me take the lead. From then on, I kept that pace at 10:00 through 2 miles and then straight into the final push. The last 900m straight-away felt like forever as I knew I had the race in the bag and so I relaxed and brought it home. I hit the line right at 15:30 which was a decent effort. It was a ton of fun running a local turkey trot for once which was my first ever.  I donated the first place turkey to the Salvation Army or maybe to second place. I was pleased with the win and with meeting some pretty fast guys as I think 4-5 guys were right in the 16-17 range which is not bad at all.  Overall, a great day!

Now time to rest, time to watch the Macy's Parade and to watch football while eating yummy Ashlee Prewitt food! Cornish Hens, biscuits, gravy, green bean casserole, and so much more!

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