Monday, November 12, 2012

22 mile long run

Yesterday, I ran out along Highway 11 towards Tully, NY. It was a nice 70 degree day and I hit the road with my water bottle and GU.  I set out running a nice 6 min a mile clip along the flat road out to Homer then out towards Preble.  I felt a little tired from a fun weekend at Cortaca, an insane NY football game of Division 3 opponents where everyone drinks to their hearts content and then some.  The run was nice and relaxed and I felt great through about 15-16 miles.  The sun was shinning and I felt strong just clipping away at the miles.  One, Two , Five, Seven, the miles kept on rolling. Highway 11 is nice and chill as the traffic was well, nothing and of course the nice shoulder of the road kept me safe.  I hit the turn-around at a farm past Preble and then  decided to drink some water and down some GU.  I felt like I was just out for a fun run as the pace was strong but not erratic.  I made the turn-around and then headed for home.  The sun was right in the center of the sky as I beamed with joy at such as strong and fun run.  By mile 15-16 I felt a little fatigue but then collected myself and ran tough the rest of the way. The last mile I was sprinting to run faster back then the way I went out but the strong 35 mph mile head-wind of course slowed me down by about 45 seconds. I finished in about 2 hours and 1 minute thus averaging about 6 minute miles maybe faster.  I then took a nice bubble bath and relaxed. I put forth a solid effort and saw more of Central NY.  I almost ran half-way to Syracuse one-way and overall trip would be 8 miles from the dead center of the city. Not bad for a day's work.

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