Thursday, June 27, 2013

Training as of late---My thoughts and ramblings

As of late, I have been running in the humid New York summer air. It is of course much cooler here than anywhere else I have trained at but of course summer is summer.  I have been getting in some solid workouts and have been hard at work with Confluence Running. Each week leading up to the big USA Mountain race, I will be heading to Greek Peak on Sunday's running up and down the ski slopes. THe course design at Cranmoore is very similar so it should give me a great advantage come race day.  I enjoy the fun of summer and the relaxation of these cool and calm evenings.  Of course like all things, summer will be over soon enough and then my fall ultra races will begin.  I have the Virgil Crest 50 mile or 50k then the Can Lake 50 where I hope to run a sub 6:19 time for a new course record.

For a nice Thursday--June 27---I am running twice today: so far my first run was 50 minutes on the trails at Cortland High School. I ran round and around the 5k course twice then headed back home. I love the shade Upstate New York has with all of the trees which makes running in the summertime much easier to endure.  My fitness is back to normal though I did twist my weakened ankle again but it is nothing serious luckily. I just have to be careful out there.  This evening at the store, I will have the chance to go out for a nice 45 minute run with our running group which will be a blast.  

I am also working on developing a professional coaching service for those individuals who would like a race-specific training plan, consultations with myself, a proper shoe fit, and finding a system that will ultimately allow for you to reach your goal healthy and happy so that we can work on the next goal.  I hope to provide some of the consultation and analysis from Confluence Running and will ultimately look to provide all the race knowledge and experience I have gained in road-racing, trail running, and snowshoe running to help you be successful.  I hope to show you the proper techniques for running the trails on technical surfaces or even smooth trails, fueling for those races which becomes more of a critical component the longer the distance, and all the product knowledge to help ensure all you have to worry about on race-day is to just enjoy the experience!  I have been enjoying running in a new place and look forward for more fun times.  

NBC Tower In Binghamton, NY, all the way on top of one of those big hills

If you would like to hear more about my COACHING SERVICE--- you can contact me at my email address. I would love to hear from you as I set up my system.

I am getting ready for the USA Mountain Running Championships up in New Hampshire this year. I am especially excited that the race is a down-up year.  That means that the course starts at the top of the ski hill meanders down the mountain and then will finish heading back up.  THe race is going to bring the best mountain runners from all over the country and even athletes from Mexico and Canada for the NACAC championships which is a trail/mountain running division or conference that is using the race as the host site.  Now onto the training.

Upstate New York has been infected with rain, rain...rain...rain...oh and more RAIN!  The rivers are bound to flood and the humid overcast skies have been exhausting.  One day lets have some normal summer weather.  When it is not raining, it is humid and overcast.  I have been running trails, up hilly roads, up and down ski slopes to better prepare myself for this big race.    In my travels I have found that Binghamton really does have some great trails off of South Mountain Road. The views are spectacular and the trails themselves are awesome. I am excited about running some fast ultras to begin the fall and I hope I can perform well at the USA championships!

I have been putting in the mileage with a lot of vertical lately. Today for July 4th, I went out for my run in the heat and humidity of the day. I ran the hills out along Cortland/Virgil Road which has a nice steady climb for a solid 1.5 mile jaunt.  I felt ok besides the sweltering heat of late. It reminds me of those humid Oklahoma mornings when the dew point is outrageous.  I was sweating a great deal but my Columbia Zero Q design shirt kept me very dry and the little nodes of the shirt that absorb sweat really do make you feel cool as a nice breeze blows on you.  I had my handheld and that allowed for myself to be nice and hydrated which is a must.  I finished the run with 15 miles and am hour and a half done and in the books.  My mileage this week is back at 90 which is stellar and I feel stronger than ever.  I hope that I can bring together a super fast performance at Cranmore and am even more excited for the Virgil Crest Ultra and the Can Lake 50.  Both these races are in my Fall slot for 2013 and both I hope to come out of them with course records and to get myself back on the map.  Cayuga Trails got me some attention but I hope that these events will confirm my level of fitness. At Cayuga Trails, I twisted my ankle pretty bad and that made me lose spots I normally would not have lost.  I feel that my fitness for 50 miles actually is pretty darn good and with proper fueling, I should be blazing some incredible times. I even hope to race in Idaho come next summer which would be an amazing trip.  Stay cool out there and happy trails!

Greek Peak Ski Resort--Slope in Left corner--ran up and down those 7 times for a long 80 minute run

Nice long hill in Vestal, NY

Ultimate Direction Summer Hydration--THis stuff ROCKS!

Neighborhood in Vestal, NY

Binghamton Trails-South Mountain

South Mountain Trails

South Mountain Trails
My favorite Running Pouch--super lightweight

Amazing trails in Binghamton, NY

Running Cayuga Trails 50

Karhu--a sweet sponsor and love their new Flow series of shoes. They are light, flexible, have super soft uppers and look cool too!  Using the Karhu Flow Trail as a Fall Training shoe--(Trail.Road Hybrid shoe) and the Flow Light for my Can Lake 50 Race in October and other road races!

Karhu FLow Light--Sweet Shoe

Is Snowshoe season here yet?

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