Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is Here!

Fall has swept the Northeast as the trees are turning the bright oranges, yellows, greens, browns, all of it.  I ran out on 281 today to highway 90. Took that road up and down the hills and had a great time. Really relaxed run of 82 minutes and 12-13 miles.  I am signed up for the Syracuse Empire State Half Marathon Oct 21st and I hope to podium at the event. My training has been coming along nicely as I have not been working a whole lot so I have time to run and to work on my lavish graduate studies.

With the coming of fall means pumpkins, apples, cider, doughnuts, candy, nice weather, and all.

Thursday---A nice 19 mile run and 1 hour and 50 minutes of action. I ran to the town limits of Truxton, NY today on 13.  I was about 1.5 miles away. I was able to get in a nice all run though it felt a little warm from what it has been when in the sun.  Still, the weather is made for long-distance running in comparison to Oklahoma.  This weather has been lovely and I am getting into stellar shape for the fall road races and then snowshoe season which I hope I can win the New York Federation and then have a chance to compete in Bend, Oregon for Nationals and maybe worlds in Italy.

Here are some Google Photos that illustrate what Up State New York Looks like this kind of year. Picture 2 is what I see on my daily running. I get up into the hills and mountains and have a nice panoramic view of the countryside.
Friday--Sept 28--off day.

Saturday Sept 29---Nice morning run out along Albany street then up along the big incline by the cider mill.  Ran by Lightninghouse road then back to home all across highway 13. A nice cool morning run before work at Olympia. Got in 80 minutes

Sunday Sept 30---run in the rain at Limehollow nature center. 70 minute run along the trails. It was a little slick but a great run. The trails through the center are incredible. Great singletrack and snowshoe trails.

Monday October 1----Run out along Kinney Gulf road then I took a left turn up a nice steep hill and ran the local countryside. Nice cool morning and it was another relaxing 82 minute run.  Got the legs moving on some sections but took it easy for the most part.

Review of this week's training----Today I ran out along Tuller Hill State forest on the xc ski trails and the hiking trails all along the route.  It was a rainy morning and it can be hard to stay on trail with all the leaves hiding hidden slick rocks and roots. My first 20 minutes of the run was slowed from the slick conditions but once I left the technical single track into the xc ski trails, I was flying.  I hit some mud spots but my savvy La Sportiva Raptors ate up the trail. I finished the run with some tempo running up the various powerline sections of trail and then finished at Gatherings restaurant. 1 hour 40 minutes of hard work for about 16-17 miles!

I am feeling really strong of late.  I can run up these mountains now pretty relaxed and then recover at the top of them and keep going. I still need to incorporate inclines and ascents into my training as constant climbing is my weakest ability in mountain running and it is a very crucial skill needed. I just have to keep it up averaging 13-14 miles a day to build that base.

Right now in my current racing, I am just working on running some road races before I embark on the snowshoe running scene in New York. I have the Empire Half marathon scheduled and some 5ks in the surrounding Finger Lakes region from now up til December 8th. I had a nice uphill tempo on Tuesday and I feel like  I am going to make some noise in 2013. 2013 will be my year!!!!

Run out along State Bike Route 11 towards Hoxie Gorge State Forest. Let me just tell you that this run today was incredible. Hoxie Gorge is soooo incredible as it is truly a gorge with steep ravines and an incredible forest all right under interstate 81. Really incredible. The run had plenty of sun and started at 3:30pm and by the turn-around point, the clouds came in and then a strong westerly wind came storming in. It was a tough run back but made a nice 1 hour and 31 minute run. Getting in some nice mileage say about 7.2 one way so about a 14.4 mile run plus maybe a little more say 14.5-14.8 mile run! Fall is here as all the leaves have changed and the weather is cool and nice and the running has been ideal just like everyday here. For once in my life when it comes to running, I am beyond happy.  Upstate New York has so much to offer for trail running and just running in general.  I am so excited to continue my journey here and to hopefully develop into a USA team member

Sunday--Nice 80 minute run out along Homer up to Tully NY. It was a nice cool day and the legs felt great.  Had some kids commenting on my rad running shorts and I told them to stay in school and not to do drugs. The weather is really starting to become a whole lot cooler around here and that means I can really continue to ramp up my training. I have loved the fact that I have not had to compromise any bit of my running here because the weather is so conducive for endurance athletes and I do not have to work full-time which helps to give me some flex with my running schedule.

Monday--Oct 8th----Run out along East River Road ---35 degrees this morning as I layered up with a jacket and gloves and half-tights.  I felt pretty good while having another smooth flat run. Tomorrow I think that I am going to hit the mountains pretty hard. I might even drive over to Hoxie Gorge and run the trails and roads there since they are really awesome and I would like the chance to explore them more.

Wednesday---Oct 10--Run at Hoxie Gorge State Forest Trails!!!  Nice 70 minute run on some slippery trail. Nichole is heading home today and it is sad. I know both Ashlee and myself hate to see her go but it is out of our control. Hoxie Gorge has trails that were set-up by SUNY Cortland which is really cool. The trails are great as all Finger Lakes Trails are. They have roots, run by ravines, ups and downs, slippery footing and it winds all around the woods.  It was a great time.

Thursday Oct 11--Quick 50 minute run out on Kinney Gulf Road. Then came into work for a 12-7:30 shift. A long day but fun.

Friday Oct 12---Worked the morning then ran in real cold, we had sleet and some snow today and it is only October.  The temps were 41 with wind chill around 32 and 13 mph winds gusting to 30.  I ran out along 281 North which I have never done before and also cut through 90 in Homer. It was a nice cold day of running and I must say I love wearing tights and gloves. It feels great to run in weather like this.  I am also jotting down that today is the first day without my grandmother Ginger, as at almost 94 years old, she sadly passed away. My hopes and wishes go out to everyone in my family as we share this huge loss. She was the happiest woman alive and I think some of her happiness rubbed off on me.  I love you Grammy and may you continue to inspire in your legacy!

I will be running a local 5k at Greek Peak tomorrow in preparation for the half marathon almost a week from today. It is going to be a nice cool day to race as morning lows will be like 27 degrees and the high maybe at 50.

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