Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back To the Drawing Board

Wednesday Sept 19---Ran the Finger Lakes Trail at Virgil Peak.  I ran the ATV trails into the private roads of the Kennedy State Forest.  It was a nice cool morning with the temps in the low 40's. THe sun was out and the weather was lovely. I had my water bottle as I made the steep climbs and the sharp descents. It was a standard nice run.

I have been able to run a consistent amount of solid running with some climbs.  I started the week with one hour runs but now I have regained my training back to 80-90 minute efforts on Tuesday and this Wednesday with the great trail run.

It is time to hit the roads, hit the trails, and train hard for the Empire State Half Marathon on October 21st!  This will be my first half marathon effort and I am looking to place with the best of them.

Thursday--84 minute run at 3pm, I had the chance to debut my new Karhu Fasts and they were awesome. Light, breathable, and you can really throw the hammer-down at will when you need to. I ran the back sections from Kinney Gulf Road out to Mclean road. I had some climbs but nothing too intense.

Friday---A really nice run in the 50's had many many many nice ascents. About 5 super climbs of 1,000 ft and back down in a matter of 6.3 miles.  I ran out to Locust Ave in Homer up the climbs to O' Shea road and then over to Corl Hill Road in Homer. I did not feel especially fast up the climbs but I had great practice staying consistent. I was able to run about 13 miles and 84 minutes. A really nice strong run. Had some moments of leg turnover but really it was an endurance climbing day.

Saturday---Nice 82 minute run up along Page Green Road and then to 215. We have had a bunch of rain come through here and let me tell you, when you are on top of a 2,000 ft mountain, when it rains, it pours. I ended up soaked completely with still  4 more miles to go. A really nice smooth training day.
Sunday--Trail Run at Tuller State Forest and Greek Peak--Day of Virgil Crest Ultras
So, this morning, I went running out at Greek Peak Ski Resort in Virgil, NY.  I parked at the ski lodge and then headed out along Hope Lake and the many many networks of XC/Snowshoe trails.  The grass was wet and at 10:30am, the temperatures were still around 45-50 degrees. It was a sunny and picture-perfect fall day. The leaves are starting to change and let me tell you that it is beautiful!  I cross along some high ridges and then across a slippery bridge over to the xc ski lodge.  I hit the lodge and found that the Virgil Crest Ultra race was still going on as I later found out that the 50k was in progress.  I also finally got myself a pair of La Sportiva Raptors and let me tell you I am in love with these shoes.  For the types of trails here in Upstate New York, these shoes can do it all. The trails and roads out here are very steep with 8% inclines everywhere you look and some that have topped out at 28% (found out by the road signs) and the terrain is rocky, muddy, rooty, ups and downs, tree limbs everywhere and a deep dark tree canopy like something out of Oregon. I then followed out on Clute Road-a local forest road up a massive hill/mountain to the beginnings of Tuller Hill State Forest.  I then turned onto a rocky gravel road and then soon was being cheered by driving spectators who realized that I was not racing but just out on a Sunday Long Run.  WHile in the forest, the temperature was cool maybe low 40's as the tree cover can make it as dark as night in some sections.  I ran by an aide station then continued my run to another connector road with a farm at the top of the large incline.  I then turned back around and then hiked it up to the aide station. I spent a good 30-40 minutes talking to the people at the station and then proceeded to run the last section of single-track back to home base. There was so much rain from the day before that the trail was extremely muddy in sections but those raptors gripped the rocks, dirt, mud and roots like a vice-grip.  The sticky-rubber on this shoe is incredible as I feel like Spiderman gripping onto anything in my way.
Descending with these shoes was a breeze as the heel-stabilizer really grips perfectly.  I headed back through the woods onto Clute Road and then back to the lodge.  I logged 1 hour and 45 minutes and spent a good 2.5 hours at the ski resort.  It was a great Sunday and I am excited to begin another week.

All the training I have been up to lately I feel is going to make some amazing things happen for me.  I run inclines everyday for the most part and have great access to hills, quiet roads, great cool weather, and trails or soft surfaces at all times.  I will still admit that climbing is still a hard endeavor but I amaze myself each day with the luxurious views I get to see over-looking the entire country-side and the mountains in the distance.

Monday  Sept 24--Run of 11.6 miles in about 80 minutes continuous running clock out along Route 222 to Groton then I turned the corner on Sears Road up to Fuller Road.  A nice cool morning around 48-52 degrees.  It is amazing how easy it is to run here.  Nice workout and a nice tempo mid run for 2 miles running 5:40's. Getting ready to do some homework.

Tuesday Sept 25---Another nice morning run out along Route 11 then out along the backway to Ames Road. By the way, Ames Road in Cortland in so far one of the most intense uphills ever designed.  It is a solid 1.5-2 mile hike straight up a 16% grade.  It makes Mount Washington seem like a jog.  This road kills you the moment you step onto it and then I wanted to test how hard it was and literally trying to sprint up it actually makes you walk.  The only way to move is to push off the ball of your foot as fast as you can to improve the foot cadence.  That is about it.  I suffered to reach the top after attempting another steep incline 5 minutes earlier.  Let me tell you that Cortland has some great roads for running so close to town.  I run just a mile or two in any direction and can be up a steep road with no traffic and a nice dip about 2-5 degrees cooler.  Right now the mornings have been in the 45-50 range so it has been nice and running lately has just come easy.  For once, I am not suffering from heat.  I can run without a bottle and I still feel like I get plenty of sunshine which is always nice.  Ran about 85 minutes for about say 12-14 miles.  Another great day!

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