Friday, July 13, 2012

More RUnning

Here is a link to the Belmar 5k on July 28th that I would like to run.

THis looks like a great race and there is a great prize purse that would be awesome.  I hope I can bring home the bacon as first place is 1,000 dollars!!!

I am also excited about running The 11th Annual Monster Marathon in Virgil, NY which is about 8 miles south from Cortland, NY.  THis race has nice steep climbs and great wooded trails and a few mountain summits which I hope I can maybe run a really strong course record.  I am hoping to shoot for sub 3:26 for the marathon as I believe that is the record for the course.  This is no ordinary marathon which is why I feel that this race will be a great early-on challenge for me in New York! ANd to imagine it is only a few miles away!

Today is SUnday and I am back at the training block. It is time to refine my fitness for a fast Belmar 5k at the end of the month and I am excited about living and training in Cortland, New York where I will have great mountain trails such as the Virgil Mountain trails, the Finger Lakes Trail and the Jim Shug Trail.  My training is coming along pretty well. I have a great new running bottle holder I bought from Wal-mart for $4.97 and will fit perfectly on my various running water bottles I have.  Now, I have two hand-held running water bottles so  I can use both of them simultaneously or I can use one for training and one for racing.  I already have a Camelback 22oz running bottle and holder I got with a gift card from Backwoods and have used that thing from Oklahoma summer training to The Arkansas White Rock 50k record run and many other uses.  I love that bottle and holder but I have used it so much I cannot get the grip off of the bottle as the two have virtually melded together. With my Outdoor Research bottle, I can use my slimmer Inov 8 water bottle that holds 16 fluid ounces instead of 22 and will work great for training!!!  I will get to test it out this week as New Jersey is hit with another heat wave...BOOOO!

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