Friday, July 20, 2012

As It Is...

Running as of late has been something of habit.  The heat waves in New Jersey have made it feel like an Oklahoma summer as 90-100 + temperatures have invaded the East Coast. I have not wanted to head out of the door but I know I must still be dedicated to a sport that has shaped who I am today.  THe heat is gross but with a new running water bottle holder, I feel I can do my best to combat the heat.  With my new running water bottle, I have been able to get in much needed hydration and it is easy to run with.  Just the other day, I ran in the Herrontown woods trails, that have always been over-grown but are awesome as the 100 degree afternoon broke as a thunderstorm cooled off the area.  It felt great to run in cool temperatures and after that storm, it has been rainy and cool here in New Jersey in relation to what it was earlier on in the week.  I have averaged some fast runs and the majority of time spent is between 70-85 minutes for each run.  I have my sights on the Belmar 5k and I hope to intermix some trail runs with road training this next week as the 5k draws closer.

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