Sunday, July 22, 2012

8 miles on the Six Mile Run

Six Mile Run Park in Franklin, NJ has always been a place I was curious about.  New Jersey has some nice trails and many more that have all the prowess of being great, though there is not enough maintenance done to them for many people to run on them.  Most of my insane trail runs have me bring a machete in order to slice my way through the tall grass and over-grown forest patches (in all seriousness, I do not have a machete).  I went with my father for a nice run on the single-track of Six Mile Run which is near Bunker Hill Golf Course, where I work.  As we drove on the Canal Road to get to the park, I felt like we were being transported into Northwestern Arkansas or rather the Smoky Mountain National Forest.  The slender road was trumped by lush greenery everywhere as it felt so open and quiet which is a rarity in New Jersey.  That is what makes New JErsey an interesting place. There is so much going on which traffic and busy homes and roads that we often lose sight of the natural beauty of the state and that it has tons of hidden gems of nature scattered throughout the state.

Running the single-track was just like running in Norman, Ok at Lake Thunderbird.  The trail wound up and down through  an open cornfield and into the cool and shaded woods. After tons of rain the past few days, the trail was incredibly dry which led to fast running even for my father who felt like a spring chicken again.  55 minutes of running done and it was time for a celebratory drink at Sonic!!

Overall, a great recover run and a great trail system that anyone living or passing through Central New Jersey must go to!

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