Friday, April 13, 2012


So I decided to run before a bunch of rain and to make matters short, I was running in the middle of a tornado that roared through Norman, OK this afternoon at 4:01pm.

I texted Ashlee where I would be heading which was 36th and Cedar Lane out towards Noble.  The thing was, I never expected the storm to be so severe. I made the stupid mistake of leaving my phone at home with the fear that a heavy rain would destroy the phone.  I began my run with the dangerous storm at my back as violent lightning and a sky as dark as midnight approached. People were driving by the thousands it seemed out on the country roads and like "bats out of hell" too.  As I made the crossing over Highway 9, a woman dragged me into her SUV as she yelled to me that there was a tornado right on the OU campus near the Weather Center and highway 9.  It was scary and even scary-er to know that Ashlee was on her way home from work and that I was out in the wilderness away from her and the cats.  I knew she would be terrified. ANd so the phone tag game began. I kept calling her but the phone would not send the signal.  I kept trying and trying but no go.

Then I had arrived at the woman's house right near the Noble middle school about 7-10 miles from the tornado. We could see it swirling around and in that moment I saw my very first tornado.  There I met Jenn Kennedy who worked at Belmar and I hung out with them as I finally was able to reach Ashlee and boy was it a relief.  I had run a total of 39 minutes almost at my turn-around point only to find I was in the middle of a tornado.  After all was done, I was reunited with Ashlee as we had the chance to relax after the crazy afternoon festivities.

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