Sunday, April 15, 2012

Redbud 10k!!!! Day with Ashlee!

The photos from the day at Redbud right near Oklahoma City Golf and COuntry Club through the nice homes of Nicholls Hills.

To sum up the race it was a little warm and extremely windy, windy enough to make any fast runner become slowed by the 40mph gusts.

Redbud was the first large-scale 5k/10k I have ever run. The race was huge with people ranging in the thousands like maybe 6 thousand runners.  The race also took place at the heat of the day at 2pm which for running fast is not always the best thing.  I though there might be some real competition but unfortunately, Oklahoma really does not bring the thunder with super fast road racers except if they were a Kenyan from OSU.  The course was rolling which suited me great but the strong cross and headwinds did not as the 40mph winds just sucked my 5:10 pace right out of me.  My first 5k was solid but the last one suffered as 5:10 pace became 5:30 pace as my overall time was 33:30 or so which translates to like 16:40's.  This was not a fast time but at least I kept a controlled effort the whole way even though I stopped for maybe 20 seconds to 30 seconds to scarf down some gatorade because I was dehydrated and had bad muscles cramps in my stomach.  All in all, my new Karhu Flow kicked major bush and thank you to Jordan Kinley for that sweet deal on the shoes.  I would also like to thank Ashlee for her support and hard effort running to the finish a long hilly mile away and my sponsors, Backwoods, OK Runner and Acidotic Racing for all the gear that makes me perform my very best.

Advice for those who proceed me in the Redbud:

Rule 1: Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate
Rule 2: Run the hills controlled and you will be fine.
Rule 3: At the last 2 miles you cross into 5k finishers, shove them, yell at them do all that it takes to show you are running twice their distance and much faster than them and you deserve some space.
Rule 3: If the day is windy, drafting off of someone is a necessity.  That wind this year was insane!!!!!
Rule 4: If you place in the top 3, no need to stay for the awards as everyone leaves and you are left with the band just chilling.
Rule 5 and Final Rule: I am sorry but Redbud is not such a high profile race as it used to be as prize money does not exist nor does really fast competition.  Run this race for training or for fun as it will not be the best race to run your best time if you are ultra-competitive. If you are a mid-pack runner then this event is great as you have thousands of people with you along the way!

Here is a link to the picture of me from the race

OH AND 1 MORE RULE: If you Burn easily, wear sunblock as I got a little sun because of the time of I have to apply aloe.....ugh!


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