Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oklahoma City Marathon Preview

This week, I have just had fun with running as my usual hard 90 minutes was brought down to maybe 75 and my recovery runs brought down to 50 minutes.  I have put forth so much hard work that it is now time to relax and rejuvenate my body and mind for a blistering hard effort at the marathon. OKC marathon will be my first official attempt at the road distance and I am ready to run well.

THis race for me is a symbol and a remnant of Oklahoma and my 5 years here. All of the trials and tribulations and all the running that has helped me grow and cope. Ashlee and myself are almost at the point to end one chapter and begin another.  There is excitement and fear but ultimately, the future looks as bright as an Oklahoman clear sky.  To imagine I strolled into OU, a glossy-eyed freshman not knowing what to expect and I leave here with the love of my life and glad I made the decision to travel half-way across the country to wind up here of all places, OKlahoma.  Oklahoma is a very interesting and awesome state except for when the wind howls but that is all the allure of this place.  It is wild and rustic and expansive.  There are towns that have only a gas station in them and dirt roads that stretch miles and miles.

I want to thank all those that I have met in this state and I hope I can continue to make you proud in all of my future running endeavors.  Thank you Backwoods, OK Runner, and the Belmar Golf Club Members for giving me the support to reach for my dreams.

As far as the marathon goes, I have Scott Downard helping me out with the pacing which will be great and I know that this race will have a ton of emotion for me but let me use it to come from behind and maybe win the whole deal.

2:30 seems realistic and maybe 2:25 if I feel great.  May this race be truly, "A Run to Remember"

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