Monday, November 21, 2016

Tussey Mountainback 2016 USA Champs 3rd Place: When All Else Fails, Run with Heart

The Tussey Mountainback 50 mile has been my true ultimate goal for 2016. It was netted as a USA Championship 50 mile road event which helped to grow its appeal for some fast competition. I also left this event two years ago with a 3rd place in 6:16 running an incredible race with pneumonia until my body gave way at mile 40. I entered this race looking for redemption.

Training leading up to the race was going pretty well. With a weekly average of 77.5 miles a week up from 71 earlier in the year, I was very pleased with my increase in weekly volume. I was also able to get more quality workouts in with steady climbing and descending; the type of running needed to excel at Tussey.

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