Monday, October 24, 2016

I Run For Marathon: Training For Tussey

This was a fun race and a great opportunity. I had run the I Run For Half marathon two years ago and had a blast. I knew that with a course that featured 767 feet of climbing for the Half Marathon, that for a Marathon,  I was going to get a great training stimulus in for Tussey Mountainback.  

It was great to be able to run such a great local event after having an incredibly busy summer on the road as well as to run a race on September 11th.  The Seepersauds are an incredible down to earth family and it has been such a pleasure to know them and to run their race.

Weather for the race was mild in the 60's and rainy. This is decent weather but I knew that I would have to stay on-top of hydration and salts as the forecast was going to have temps get near 70. The race course is a quad out and back with 6.5 out and back twice. This would be beneficial to 1) Know the course well, 2) Help receive aid easily throughout  3) Help build some mental toughness of seeing the same scenery.

The race went out well from the start. I hit the first mile in 5:22 and knew that  I had to settle-in and get into marathon pace. I proceeded to run a very controlled and comfortable 5:50 average through the first 6.5 miles. The first 6.5 of the course climb gradually to the top of the course at the turn-around. Throughout the first quarter of the race, there are some long and short and steep climbs that can tax the legs. Going through the hills, my slowest mile was 6 minutes on the dot. Looking back at the pace, it was probably too aggressive given the course design. I was on pace for 2:31/2:32 (giving a potential slowing in the closing miles). Once I hit the turn-around, I began to relax and continue to ratchet the pace.

Let me also talk about the pacers: Having Jack and Kat out there on the support bikes was incredible. They kept me going an honest pace and helped to motivate me throughout! Thank you to both of you.

I went through the 13.1 mark feeling strong in around 75:55 on a fast pace through the course and even added about a half mile around the turn-around too. I switched out my Nathan Speedshot handheld and was off for the second 13.1. The weather was getting warmer with the sun coming out of the clouds. I started struggling at mile 18 as my 6 minute mile pace began to slip. I started running 6:04, then 6:11, then 6:20, followed by another 6:11. Near mile 20, my legs could not handle the effort anymore and the early miles really took a toll on me. I then pushed as hard as I could with lead legs for the final 6.2 miles.

My last few miles ranged from 6:30 and up to a 7:20 last mile. It was not pretty but I got to the finish line in one piece. I finished around 2:38:48 on my watch through the finish which had me a few minutes long. I finished the race in around 2:39.

For the future, I know not to run as if I am running a flat marathon for a hilly marathon. My pace out the gates was too hot for the course. Overall, I was pleased with how  I hung tough even when things started to crumble on me. This was great preparation for Tussey.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. Thank you to the volunteers and to the whole Binghamton community which is the best around!

There was so many great stories out there during the race. Many strong marathon finishes and great goals met out there! Nice work to all the runners!

Thank you to all of my sponsors who helped to get me outfitted and ready for the race:

Mammut North America
Fits Socks
Boom Nutrition
Redfeather Snowshoes
Karhu NA
Craft NA
Confluence Running
Finger Lakes Run Co

Coming into the Finish-Photo Credits: Jack Kuhn

Photo Credit: Jack Kuhn

Myself Hanging on. Photo Credit: Jack Kuhn

All my Race Gear: Mammut,Nathan, Karhu, MPFRNR, Fits Socks, Boom Nutrition

Having fun in the ADK. Photo Credit: Cole

Great Demo with Syracuse at Green Lakes. Photo Credit: Cole C.


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