Monday, August 27, 2012

Preparation For Virgil 26.2 Mountain Marathon!

Sunday--Preview of the course. It was a nice day in Cortland and the ski resort had motocross competitions on the ski slopes. Luckily for me, I was on trails that were out of the way.  I started at Gatherings a little restaurant at the ski resort and went looking for Tone Road. I ran to the Hope Lodge and soon realized that Tone Road had to be in the other direction so  I ran back to my car. I looked at my gps on my phone and yup, tone road was the other way.  2 miles in and then I began the ascent. The trails of the Finger Lakes is so pristine. Tons of roots, Intense trees that provide a jungle of shade(so much that some sections were as dark as night), nice creeks, and many climbs and steep descents all on single-track. I followed the white trail markings all up Virgil Mountain at 2,180 feet or so from about 1,000 feet then you descend into the darkness and then come into the second ascent section of Greek Peak.  Both these climbs you ascend 1,000 feet. Along the way, there are many ups and downs.  I will say that I found my new Sunday Long Run location at Greek Peak while at 8.4 miles away, it boasts every great form of trail and mountain running anyone could ask for and then some.  It was a great day. I ran 13.1 miles on the trails, plus 2 miles on the roads, plus 3 miles around a service road on Tone after the run to cool-down..  18.1 miles not bad for a Sunday!

Monday---Dropped Netflix movies off at the local grocery store then headed up Lightning Hill Road or something or Lighthouse Road up into Homer, NY and along the high country of Homer. I had one super serious climb where the incline almost made me powerhike the last section but I kept fighting through the pain from my sore legs post trail 18 miler at Greek Peak.  It was a little on the warm side for Cortland with temperatures in the mid-80's but I felt pretty good regardless.  80 minutes and 13 miles in the books!

Tuesday--First Day at Olympia. Ran in the morning for 30 minutes around Homer, NY then did a nice 45 minute hill-run in Homer over by the CCC (Cortland Country Club).  Was able to tack on about 75 minutes and about 12-12.5 miles of work.  I have been feeling great running here and the fall weather is picking up some steam. The low for Wednesday will be 48 degrees!!!!

Wednesday---Ran mid-morning out on 281 past Homer onto 41 West to Skaneateles. The nice mid 50's at 10-11am was so perfect as fall is starting to creep into Up state New York!  I ran nice and relaxed and strong towards the last few miles.  I am excited about Sunday's race and work is new and exciting and I look forward to selling footwear and sporting goods! Got in about 78 minutes and about high 12.0 mileage range maybe about 12.7 miles or so.

Thursday and Friday, I took it easy running out into Homer on flats both days. First day ran out along 11 for an hour and then Friday after work logged an easy run of 45 minutes.  Bring on the steep climbs of Virgil Peak and lets hope my legs will keep up with me!

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