Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Next Race: Monster Trail Marathon COrtland, NY

I am excited about classes and running my trail marathon in Virgil, NY come September 2nd.  I am so ready to rock and roll and am really eager to run a very competitive trail race again with mountains and a longer distance where my 50k debut at White Rock Mountain in Arkansas proved to be a huge success though my Inov 230's ruined my legs for about 10 days afterward. SO the theory is run in more cushioned and stable shoes such as the La Sportiva Raptors and I should be good.

Saturday---82 minute run out along Route 215 towards the mountains and Willowbrook Golf Course. I felt so strong today running up the steep inclines.  It was nice to run in such cool conditions as the sun was going down.

Sunday---Run up to Mcgraw--I ran out along Highway 11 and over to 41. I passed under the main overpass and then hit the section of road out along 41 towards Mcgraw. I ran up a very very steep road maybe 15% grade as my legs gave out as I neared the mile long crest. I ran back down as it was time to head back and my legs felt like jello the whole rest of the way. I really enjoyed heading into Mcgraw and I feel like the places that I can run to in the Cortland area is sooooo expansive that  I do not think I will ever get bored of this place. It may take me a life-time to run all the great roads and trails of this area.

Monday---I ran along the trails of COrtland high school and then ran up Page Green Road to Blodgett Mills Road. I ran about 83 minutes and maybe around 13 miles. I felt a little tired going up the steep sections but overall, I feel that I am adapting well to running in the high hills and small mountains of Cortland, NY.  From the previous day, I was a little jazzed-out in my legs but I feel like Tuesday will be a nice fun day of training for me! The weather is sooooo nice here with highs in the 70's and maybe 80 on the dot and lows in the low 50's in August just make me question exactly what we will have this fall!

Tuesday--Wednesday--Thursday And Friday---I have run all the directions of Cortland from Wolf Road in Homer, Highway 11 up in the mountains over Highway 81, Walden Oaks Neighborhood, and Lorings Crossing Road towards Truxton.  My training has averaged about 76 minutes per run and about 13-14 miles per run. I have felt great and have run so many inclines.  I now can run almost 5,000 ft in vertical gain in one run which is insane and my legs and lungs are really feeling great. As I continue to train in Cortland, I feel that I will become more and more a climber which is my inexperience.  The leaves are just starting to turn and classes begin Monday. Ashlee has already began her classes and everything is starting to come full tilt.  Time to rest and relax and enjoy my weekend.

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