Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cayuga Trails Preview: Lead-up to an Epic Race

Training has been coming along since Tom B. I unfortunately sprained my ankle severely on the Medial-side of my foot which is a 5% occurrence out of all ankle injuries and I have felt it. I took about a week off from running last week which after a 90+ mile week, that was a smart idea. I feel well-rested and have begun to gain my running legs again. Tom B was a solid  test where I was able to maintain a comfortable 7:20 pace for the three laps then become sidelined with the ankle sprain on lap four. I have been doing exercises from H.E.M. some PT video series that helps strengthen the ankle and allow for it to heal.

I have been back to running 10.5-12 miles a day at a solid training pace with hills and the ankle feels calm on uneven terrain. I will be doing everything possible not to further damage the ankle such as ankle brace, KT tape, ice and heat therapy; you name it as my goal is to run free and effortless for Cayuga and avoid what happened to me last year.

A person "Must Love Jogs" did a solid race preview of Cayuga found here I am given the 15:1 odds which means that out of 15 people or 15 times results are polled, I win once.  I think those odds are fair considering last year Cayuga was one of my worst races hobbling on a bum ankle for 32 miles. My race splits from last year show it. Going from 7:30 to 8 to upper 9's and 10's show that I slowed down but it was due to physical limitations. I am hoping I can tabulate a Can-Lake 50 type performance.  The weather forecast looks solid and I am primed to perform and run a fast time. My time predictor is around 7 hours which I think is a solid estimate. I feel strong, have my climbing legs, and am ready to run a smart well-paced race. Now that the course is no mystery, I will run relaxed the first 25 and then move hard by 50k. You never know how race-day will play out but regardless, I am very much excited.



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