Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring--The Most Interesting Time of the Year---New Mammut gear

Every year once spring rolls around, people begin to feel the heat of summer only a few months away. The lack of sunlight from a cold and dreary winter coupled with the anticipation of excitement and joy of spending more time outside intrigues and excites people into a frantic explosion of craziness.

It is exciting that the snow is all gone and the weather is starting to warm.  Tomorrow, I think the high temperature will be in the 60's!!!!  This time of year, school is in the moments of winding down, summer excitement is around the corner, internships are on the horizon and the inevitable planning of another year begins.  This time of year is always a stressful one. On the running end of things, I scratched the MAD City 100k and will be training through to June 1st and the Cayuga Trails 50. I do not know other than the Tom B run what races or events I will be doing from middle of April until June but if I decide on any runs, they will be some fun local events. I am finishing up my Graduate degree at SUNY Cortland and I look forward to finally getting my schedule more along the lines of working, family, and running.  School has made it hard for me to juggle everything and added another dimension to my days but I am so thankful for this opportunity that has given me so much knowledge and skills that I will be able to apply in my life's work.  I am talking each day one day at a time. Planning the best I can for a fun and rewarding future.

And with everything going on it was a pleasant surprise the other day was when my Mammut order for the Spring and Summer came in.  I ordered some awesome gear for racing and training and look forward to trying all the gear out. Thank you Mammut for the support.

The great run with Ashlee--The first nice day in a long time!

*The run I had with Ashlee was a blast. With her out on the bike and myself sprinting to catch up, it was a blast getting outdoors and spending a lovely morning together. The morning was sunny, yet cold with temps around the low 30's but man that sun makes up for it. We headed out into Homer which is the next little town over to the main drag there and then turned back. After we concluded our fun adventure, I set out for another 10k of running and actually ended up with 7 more miles which totaled 13 for the day.

The beginnings of Spring--dead grass :(

In about a month, this field will start looking green.

My full gear allotment

MRT Rainspeed Jacket--An Amazing waterproof jacket

MTR 201 Pro Low (Left) and the MTR 71 II (Right) 
My training and racing shoes for the season

Mammut MTR 71 short sleeve in Red and Green

Blue Race shorts and Go Far Hooded Jacket!

*****Please check out Mammut! We are an incredible company making some of the best outdoor gear imaginable. Our MTR (Running) division of shoes and apparel are AWESOME! The shoes we are working to make them smoother to compete with this new track and field trail shoe trend but for any technical running, Mammut footwear is unbeatable. I have been even using my MTR 141's on the roads all winter and this Spring. They may not be a road shoe, but they function much better than a lot of other trail shoes out there. Check them out!  

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