Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ready for Spring---Ramping Up the Training! Forks 15 Preview

The weather has slowly been warming up but man it has been very chilly in the mornings. I have been running slightly higher mileage in the last two weeks around 80-85 miles a week to finally build my base back up from around 70-77.  I am excited about running a little more and to have time to spend running outside with Ashlee as she bikes. The beginnings of longer days means more time outside enjoying the sunshine and the beginnings of Summer loom in the near-off distance (that's right, it will come soon enough). I am excited about my first race back from the USA Snowshoe Nationals where I ended on not the note I was hoping for but can only learn from the experience to better myself for next year. I must say that this winter has been a tough struggle to really get in some terrific training. Either I could get the time out the door but lack on hill training or I could get the hill training but freeze to death with the wind chills and cut my run short.  I think my strength is absolutely there. With running in very snowy and cold conditions I think make the body acclimate to more efficient-base of burning energy and definitely strengthening all those little alignment-based ligaments, muscles, ect. I am excited to see what my fitness brings because I feel that I am ready.

This Sunday, I will be running the historic Forks XV road race in Chenango Forks, which from what I am told by locals, it is one of the oldest and more historic road races in the area.  I am excited to be racing with members of the Team Confluence, customers, and just connections with the local Triple Cities Runner's Club. We shall see what some endurance training has left me in shape-wise. I am hoping for a 9 mile race to be able to run 5:20-5:30 range pretty comfortably but it of course depends on the conditions. After the 2pm race, Ashlee and myself will be heading to Sonic for some Slushies and ice cream since Sonic is a rarity on the East Coast which I know will be a blast.

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