Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sick :(

So I have been run-down this week and feel like I have picked up a flu bug that seems to be all around the country.  I will be taking a hiatus from training until I recover from this bug which luckily this comes at a good time where I can still piece in some solid snowshoe runs and training leading up to my Jan 18th Snowshoe Race the Cockadoodle Shoe 10k, a USA Qualifier.

We all go through ups and downs and I am very lucky to only get sick once in a blue moon and my flu symptoms are not too terrible but without proper rest, I could cause some severe problems.  So I am going to veg out on the couch and kick back and relax.

I will back at it soon.

Happy New Year and look forward to some big performances from me this 2014!

Sickness Report:

So today which is Monday January 6th 2014, I am feeling like my old self in terms of energy but I am not fully there just yet for hard training. Today I ran to get cat food which is about a 5k loop one-way and though I averaged 7:46 a mile, I still got in some exercise and it felt great to run again.  Tomorrow, Matt, myself, and Ian (Confluence Running) are meeting up with Jordan Kinley, one of the smoothest and coolest brand reps around and a good Oklahoma buddy of mine (Karhu/Craft).  It will be fun to catch up with him and see the new line of footwear and gear.  By the end of this week, I should have my running form back down just in time for snowshoe season to begin!

A nice run the other day for about 6 miles and another decent run for about 9 today. I am slowing building myself back up. I have about a week to get my sea legs under me for my first snowshoe race of the year the 18th which I hope I can run a very fast time at and qualify for nationals.

January 11th----I am finally  getting back into form and have been getting some running in beyond just a few miles.  My legs are bouncing back and I am finally getting my pace on flats and hills at 6:40-7 min pace average which is where I normally train at on most training runs that have at least 1,000-2,000ft of elevation gain.

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